Taylor Swift “Blank Space” Parody by ZDoggMD

It’s Friday on Super Bowl weekend, so I thought we’d do a Fun Friday post. If you’re looking for fun, where better to look than ZDoggMD? In case you don’t know him, his recent Taylor Swift parody video might be a good intro:

I thought this comment by Christina Padrutt on YouTube describes many of the physician and nurse reactions I’ve seen to ZDoggMD’s work:

I absolutely LOVED this. It is a genuine reflection of the issue of drug seeking patient behavior. I can relate so closely to this. I have shown it to many coworkers. I even emailed it to my boss, who in turn forwarded it to other administrators. I actually loved how you show both sides of the story: the provider and a glimpse at the patient’s struggles as well. This is INDEED a real issue. In fact, it is such an issue that our unit is having a “burnout, difficult patient populations, and patient abuse towards staff” inservice to help staff cope. Thank you, Dr. Damania for this comic relief! Also, I would like to add that at least physicians get to spend limited time with this population, nurses are anchored to this behavior for 12-16 hours at a time at the bedside.

I’m thinking about inviting him to speak at the Health IT Marketing and PR Conference. What do you think? I can’t decide. Now that I signed up for him to be my doctor at Turntable Health, I guess that makes me biased.

Either way, have a great (and safe) Super Bowl weekend!

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  • Loved the video..
    Would have been authentic if it ended with the fact providers just as (if not more) likely to be suffering from prescription drug addiction.

    Tens of thousands of doctors have accepted money from drug companies totally billions of dollars…

    Providers are just as likely to suffer the very same prescription drug addictions as the general public …. if not more likely

    Then link to drug rehab information.

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