Muli-Billion Dollar DoD EHR Contract Promises Exciting Times in 2015

This summer the DOD is set to award the multi billion dollar electronic health records contract. Each group that bid on it contains at least one company the provides product and one with heavy weight Gov’t/DOD presence.

Who is going to win? Who is in real trouble if they don’t? As far as the winner is concerned, my new, Christmas gift , Crystal Ball doesn’t have this level of experience yet. What I do know is that who the actual winner is will affect the entire Healthcare IT marketplace.

Of the bidders, there are a few companies “betting the farm” on winning this. More later on who, but they could be in serious trouble if they are not the winners.

The contract is scheduled to be awarded in early July. I’m sure there will be protests and pressure from the losers, so the contract’s full impact might be delayed briefly.

When all this is sorted out the need for qualified people to work on the project is going to be huge and securing a position there will be considered a prize for many because the contract itself is going to last for at least 8 years.

Basically this means that if you are looking for a position, there are going to be a huge amount of health IT job opportunities available. As professionals move to the DOD contract, most will need previous experience. Where are they going to come from? These experienced professional departures will create job opportunities when they leave.

For employers, you might want to look into your employee retention efforts. Some companies out there are going to have a major problem with retention. You may be putting out fires all summer long as the experienced health IT marketplace shifts.