Virtual Care Innovator Zipnosis Receives Investment from Fairview

Partnership aims to help improve access and delivery of convenient, low-cost virtual care

Minneapolis (Jan. 5, 2015) — Zipnosis, a SaaS company, announced today that it ha s received an undisclosed capital investment from Fairview Health Services, one of the largest not-for-profit integrated health care systems in Minnesota. As part of the agreement, a representative from Fairview will have a seat on the Zipnosis Board of Directors.

As one of the country’s leading virtual care providers, Minneapolis-based Zipnosis partners with health systems across the country to power virtual care services that are white labeled. By connecting patients and local clinicians online, Zipnosis makes mainstream medicine not only affordable, but easily accessible to anyone with a web-enabled device. Fairview has been providing online treatment and diagnosis to patients since January 2012 through its partnership with Zipnosis.

“Through funding and a more involved partnership, Fairview’s goal is to help provide Zipnosis the support it needs to further expand its virtual care capabilities and ultimately grow to meet the growing consumer demand for online health care,” said Dan Fromm, Fairview’s Chief Financial Officer. “We’re excited to play a more active role in creating and offering health tools that have real value for today’s health care consumer.”

“Fairview has been an incredible partner for us the past three years,” said Zipnosis Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Pearce. “Their investment is a strong market validation for Zipnosis’ unique solution. It also allows us to rapidly grow and scale to become the market leader in the next generation of digital care delivery.”

Through the Zipnosis platform, patients can receive prompt, high-quality care for common medical conditions such as sinus infections, female bladder infections, pink eye, or cold, cough and flu through via mobile phone, computer and tablet—all for a flat-rate $25-$35 service fee payable by a credit card or health savings card.

The company’s asynchronous model ensures adherence to evidence-based medicine, while guiding connections between clinicians and patients. The platform is incredibly efficient, leading clinicians to provide diagnosis and treatment for common ailments in less than two minutes a visit.  Additionally, the platform attracts new patients to a health system, building an incremental revenue stream for hospitals without adding additional clinical headcount.

Whether using a mobile phone, computer or tablet, patients with web access can receive prompt, high-quality care by board-certified clinicians who follow national best practice guidelines for diagnosing and treating conditions and prescribing medications.

About Zipnosis:
As one of the nation’s leading virtual care providers, Minneapolis-based Zipnosis is defining virtual care, providing treatment for common medical conditions from the convenience of a web-enabled device. Founded in 2008, the company is continuing to improve patient care one click at a time by making it easy for patients and providers to connect online. Whether through or its white label product offered by health system and clinic partners around the country, users can be diagnosed, treated and triaged if necessary, to the appropriate level of care—receiving high-quality care in a manner that is most convenient to them—at home or on the go. To learn more about Zipnosis, visit, and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

About Fairview: 
Fairview Health Services, headquartered in Minneapolis, is a nonprofit, academic health system providing exceptional health care across the entire continuum. In partnership with the University of Minnesota, Fairview’s 22,000 employees and 2,300 aligned physicians embrace innovation and new thinking to deliver greater value—higher quality, better experience and lower cost. To learn more about Fairview, visit and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.