Considering Increasing Your Staff?

Happy 2015 to all you healthcare IT job seekers and those actively hiring or considering it.  January, 2015 should be a big deal.  Why?  Because January is always the busiest time of the year for new hiring.  The fact that the stock market just hit an all time high isn’t going to hurt either.

If you are considering bringing on new talent, it’s time to give some serious consideration to what people you need to add to your staff to guarantee a successful 2015.  It’s also time to map a plan to get the best available talent out there.  Some of the considerations you will need is where is this/these people now.  Are they unemployed?  Actively looking?  Quietly testing the market?  How do I make sure I reach them all?  You need to devise a method of reaching all of them and doing it quickly.  It is not just the busiest time of the year for you, others in growth mode are active also and may well be trying to attract the same people you are.

Let me address a few potential flaws in many hiring programs.  Hiring managers and Human Resource people do not always have the same agenda when it comes to hiring.  The HR screening process by definition is screening people out.  Getting down to the nitty gritty of performance, can the person do the job successfully, is not a primary consideration.  To see if your screeners are in this group, ask if they use behavioral interviewing and when in the cycle.  When do they use skills based interviewing?  They could be face to face with the most qualified candidate on the planet but if the interviewer doesn’t like the subjective answers, you never get to see them

A second pitfall, and the one I consider the most common and harmful. is not understanding that a particular candidate is most likely speaking with other companies.  Especially at this time of year.  Securing the best talent is not easy.  You MUST be able to answer one simple questions.  “Why would the chosen candidate want to work for you??”  Recruiting is a sales process, period.  You must be prepared to sell the best candidate on the reasons your opportunity is the best they could possibly be offered.  Your main premise needs to be on opportunity.  Why is yours the best and what will it do for the candidate.  Do it better than the competition and you win.  Don’t, and you don’t.

A quick note on creating your “pitch”.  I have seen company after company, year after year, make the same mistake of not coordinating this “pitch”.  Why your opportunity is the best opportunity needs to be expressed the same by all involved in the interview process.  If you are not prepared to make the sale, your answer is right around the corner.  Go to your top sales or marketing person and ask them how they sell your company.

Can we help?  Of course we can.  You should already know that we offer the most economical vehicle to find the right health IT people.  Also, unlike most other jobs sites, ours is totally dedicated to healthcare IT.  The 20,000+ candidates we have are all in Healthcare IT.  Lastly, you might want to ask us to review your job posts to determine if it is on the mark.

Again, it’s 2015 and the busiest time of the year for acquiring new talent.  Now is the time to make your plans and execute.  We can and will help make that a success.