More CDI and EHR Optimization Discussion

In response to the question I posted in yesterday’s blog post, “What’s the Difference Between CDI Programs and EHR Optimization?“, Richard Tomlinson, Founder and CEO of Nuclei Health Consultancy offered this response that I thought would help continue the discussion and be interesting for readers:

In answer to your excellent question, no. CDI and EHR optimization are not the same; in fact the two models are significantly different, as are their goals.

Without deep dives here, the root decision tree to choose CDI over optimization should be based upon analysis results to the issues and goals identified. What are the identified issues? And what are the identified and measurable goals.

I will share that workflow analysis is one significant differentiator between CDI and Optimization. If one of the goals mentioned above for example is to reduce time documenting , or, a shift of role assignment in portions of workflows to reduce cost or improve provider thruput, then optimization here may include the addition of technology. Sounds counterintuitive, nevertheless the business model of optimization is indeed different.

Reducing clicks in clin doc has been cited as optimization, but I am here to tell you that alone is not the case. I would tend to take that stand alone as CDI, although one can argue reducing clicks does not “improve” clinical documentation.

As an overall, I would tend to say optimization is holistic in its foundation to include analysis of workflows, content build specifications, ROI of additional technology/tools, education, with the cumulative impact compared to a set of defined clinical and business goals. CDI by contrast may support only a goal as simplistic as rearrangement or placement of data to achieve a specific benefit.

I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts on this subject.

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