Hospital EHR’s Top 3 Horses

A few people recently commented to me that Epic was the biggest EHR company and that they were dominating the hospital EHR race. I agreed with them that Epic was dominating the large hospital space with Intermountain (they chose Cerner) being one of the first large hospital systems to not choose Epic. Epic has definitely been dominate in the large hospital space.

With that said, Epic is not the biggest EHR company in the hospital EHR space. I believe Cerner is the biggest company in the hospital EHR space when you look at number of hospitals and size of those hospital deals. Assuming Cerner’s acquisition of Siemens closes, this will solidify their top spot. However, if we’re looking at just the total number of hospitals I think that MEDITECH still has the most number of hospital installs out there.

At first I wanted to argue that this leaves us a 3 horse race in the hospital EHR environment. However, that’s not really true since I don’t think MEDITECH is competing very much with Epic. Epic would have to lower their standards (yes, that was a bit of a abuse of language) and go after the small hospital market. Until then, it’s hard for me to see Epic and MEDITECH as really serious competitors. Plus, in the small hospital space, there a number of other companies that are still competing over these hospitals. I’m not ready to declare a clear winner in that space and I won’t be surprised if there are many winners that survive.

What is clear to me is that the Top 3 Horses: Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH aren’t going anywhere. They all have fiercely loyal install bases and are large enough to whether a lot of oncoming storms.

Since this is a health IT career blog, the stability of these three companies might be one thing you consider as you consider your health IT career. A look at the Healthcare IT Central job board shows plenty of jobs for all 3 of these companies:
Epic EHR Jobs
Cerner EHR Jobs

What other EHR companies do you think are worth keeping an eye on for those looking to ensure their future success in the EHR world?

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John Lynn

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  • John,

    I agree, it’s going to come down to those three players to get most of the business. However, there is one thing that might change the equation a bit.
    After some false starts, Epic really does now have a hosted environment. They showed pictures at UGM in August. it’s a huge underground datacenter complete with massive backup generators and all kinds of network backups. I believe they will now get serious about the smaller sized organizations.

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