HIPAA Privacy Infographic

Caradigm, a population health company, recently sent me this HIPAA Privacy infographic. As a sucker for infographics, I had to share. While related to HIPAA, the BYOD data at the top of the infographic certainly paints an important picture for healthcare IT administrators. What data stands out to you?

Privacy Breaches

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Click to access HIMSSSurvey_2012.pdf


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Click to access Redspin-2013-Breach-Report-Protected-Health-Information-PHI.pdf


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John Lynn

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  • I agree with Be6h that the employee negligence is that item that jumps out. Training would help. Refresher training would help. Leadership would help.

    I recently received two mammogram reports for a different person even though I spelled out my last name to the person folding them nicely and putting them in an envelope for me.

    Next day when I opened and realized the error I had to spend two hours of my time visiting the hospital Med Rec Dept. and practically had to fight with their representative to handle the ‘incident’. Since she didn’t know what a breach was or how to spell it, I can only assume that her training was inadequate or she needed additional training.

    Most everyone I know has accidentally been given another patient’s records at some point, negligence or not, so it would seem as though the ‘customer facing’ rep of a Med Rec Dept. would know how to handle it a lot better than what I experienced from her and her supervisor. There is a lot of work left here to do….

  • Pat,
    That’s a sad story. I think there’s a lot of improperly trained people running or working at various HIM departments. Definitely sounds like it was the case with the person you encountered.

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