Healthsense Launches New Health Dashboard, Delivering Instant Insight for Proactive Care

Minneapolis, Minn. –October 16, 2014Healthsense, Inc., the fastest growing provider of technology-enabled care solutions for the senior care continuum, announced today the release of its eNeighbor® Dashboard™, a first-of-its-kind application which utilizes proprietary analytics to help providers make more informed care decisions.
The eNeighbor Dashboard arms care providers with the actionable information needed to address the rising costs and challenges of caring for a clinically complex, rapidly growing senior population. It provides caregivers with access to the right data at the right time so they can deliver high quality care and reduce unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.
Part of the Healthsense eNeighbor remote monitoring platform, the eNeighbor Dashboard is a web-based preventative monitoring application that quickly and easily identifies health concerns through a tiered analysis of data collected by sensors placed in an individual’s home. These sensors continuously gather data on activities of daily living (ADL), key wellness indicators such as sleep quality and activity, and other physiological information.
“By collecting comprehensive ADL information, we are able to visualize alterations in patterns that often reveal an oncoming change in a person’s level of wellness. Individualized summaries of activity changes and trending reports provide actionable information to care providers, allowing for proactive care and the avoidance of exacerbations of chronic or acute conditions,” said Julie Carr, Healthsense Director of Clinical Operations.
This information, collected throughout each 24-hour period, is compared against previously established individual benchmarks and rated by significance of change. An analysis is displayed for each category with trending information over time based on pre-established activity levels. This gives providers further insight into the health and wellbeing of their care population, making it easier to identify health changes that may need further analysis or intervention. The trending information also allows providers to ascertain whether those in their care are responding to treatment or changes in their environment.
“The eNeighbor Dashboard is the latest example of Healthsense’s commitment to provide innovative technology that delivers measurable value to caregivers and those in their care,” saidA.R. Weiler, Healthsense President and CEO. “By enabling proactive care management through more timely interventions, the eNeighbor Dashboard helps to lower total medical expenses while improving caregiver productivity. This results in enhanced top- and bottom-line financial performance through greater staff efficiencies, broader service offerings and a lower cost of care.”
Healthsense will debut the eNeighbor Dashboard at the National LeadingAge Conference, October 20-23, in Nashville (Booth #1324).

About Healthsense, Inc. 

Healthsense is the fastest growing provider of technology-enabled care solutions for the entire senior care continuum. With our full range of health and safety monitoring systems, providers are empowered to proactively deliver the highest quality care possible through critical health information. Caregivers reduce costs, increase independence and enhance senior experiences when armed with the right information at the right time.
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