Pri-Med and Amazing Charts Unveil New Technology to Address Clinician Dissatisfaction With Electronic Health Records

Pri-Med InLight™ EHR Is the First Commercially Available System to Feature Intuitive, Problem-Oriented Workflow to Help Clinicians Save Time and Improve Patient Care

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – September 12, 2014) – DBC Pri-Med LLC, the leading provider of professional medical education to a community of more than 260,000 clinicians, today announced the release of Pri-Med InLight EHR. This latest advancement is the first problem-oriented, clinical documentation system designed to increase professional satisfaction and improve patient outcomes by enabling clinicians to deliver higher quality care more efficiently.

Rob Tholemeier, Director of Chilmark Research, a global research and advisory firm that focuses solely on the market for HIT solutions, said: “Current EHRs look like they were designed for back-office staff, not physicians making life or death decisions. There is a gaping need for a new approach to clinical documentation that actually enhances the practice of medicine. From the demos I’ve seen, Pri-Med InLight appears to bring a new level of intelligence to EHRs by learning from you as you practice, and then organizing and presenting information in a way that actually enhances interaction with patients instead of detracting from it.”

InLight combines the highly-rated usability features of Amazing Charts with a pioneering problem-oriented medical record developed at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the legacy of Pri-Med’s world-class medical education. The key breakthrough is a problem-oriented workflow that organizes information more intuitively, making it faster and easier for clinicians to use. Advantages include:

  • Easy to Use – Pri-Med InLight is a thinking EHR. InLight learns as clinicians practice and then anticipates their needs, providing the right information when they need it. Innovative features, such as the physician-friendly problem vocabulary and one-click ordering, make InLight powerful yet incredibly easy to use.
  • Saves Time – Pri-Med InLight minimizes the distractions of documentation and coding so clinicians can focus on face-to-face interaction with patients and deliver high-quality care. InLight users can access information in a fraction of the time of most current EHRs, giving them more time facing patients and less time facing a screen.
  • Improves Patient Care – Pri-Med InLight improves the hand-off of patients between primary care and specialists for continuity of shared care. Point-of-care medical education, tailored to patients’ specific needs, helps clinicians make more informed clinical decisions.

“Until now, most EHR systems have been seen as a burden, feeding a rising tide of professional dissatisfaction,” said Dr. John Goodson, staff internist at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “They create a barrier to patients, and keep clinicians in the office late completing charts. Pri-Med InLight not only solves these issues but also gives clinicians new tools for better patient care.”

“We set out to pioneer an electronic health record that is uniquely designed to think the way doctors think and help them make sound medical decisions,” said John Mooney, founder and CEO of Pri-Med. “Built by clinicians for clinicians, InLight is problem-oriented so clinicians can be people-oriented.”

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Pri‐Med is an operating division of Diversified Communications. Based in Boston, Mass., the organization has been a trusted source for professional medical education to over 260,000 clinicians since 1995. Through live meetings in over 30 U.S. cities and online at, clinicians rely on Pri‐Med for opportunities to engage with local peers, meet internationally renowned faculty, and participate in world‐class educational activities. In 2012, Pri-Med purchased Amazing Charts, a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR) to independent medical practices. Amazing Charts operates as an independent operating subsidiary of Pri-Med. For more information, visit: