HealthSpot and CareSource Team to Improve Access to Healthcare

Managed Care company creates value for Medicaid members, increasing access to care through HealthSpot telehealth platform.

Dublin, OH — August 19, 2014 — HealthSpot®, a pioneer in patient and provider driven healthcare technology, and CareSource, an Ohio nonprofit managed care company dedicated to meeting the needs of healthcare consumers for more than 25 years, announced an agreement to increase access to quality healthcare for CareSource Medicaid, CareSource Just4Me and MyCare Ohio members.

HealthSpot has built a comprehensive healthcare delivery platform that combines cloud-based software with the award-winning HealthSpot station. The stations connect patients to medical providers from a variety of Ohio’s health systems including Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth and University Hospitals. For the past 18 months, these providers and others have been using the stations for diagnosis of high frequency illnesses, such as the flu and upper respiratory issues.

HealthSpot plans to roll out nearly 100 stations in community pharmacies across Ohio combining a comprehensive healthcare delivery platform with software in the HealthSpot station. The new HealthSpot stations will provide service to consumers including CareSource members who find the pharmacy locations easier to access instead of traveling to hospital emergency rooms or urgent care facilities for routine diagnosis. The goal is to make it convenient for Ohio residents to get the right, quality care.

HealthSpot will target geographic areas that have high emergency room visit rates and patient wait times, as identified by patient focus-groups and claim data analysis conducted by the two companies.

“Working with CareSource is key to our mission to increase access to the right quality and affordable medical care through a diverse professional care network in locations that are in the patient’s own backyard,” said Steve Cashman, CEO of HealthSpot. “HealthSpot is the first open platform that enables community providers to see patients outside their facility and truly create value for everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.”

“We are dedicated to helping our members find easier access to care. The agreement with HealthSpot allows us to connect members with providers in the most convenient locations, effectively putting quality healthcare at their immediate access,” said Steve Ringel, President Ohio Market CareSource.

HealthSpot aims to bring quality care closer to the consumer by going straight to the places they already know and frequent, the neighborhood pharmacy. The agreement is targeting national chain and independent pharmacies across Ohio.

About HealthSpot®

HealthSpot® is healthcare, reimagined. A pioneer in connected care, HealthSpot has built a comprehensive healthcare delivery platform that combines cloud-based software with the award-winning HealthSpot station, digital medical devices and mobile applications. HealthSpot’s platform radically transforms today’s healthcare system by enabling the delivery of quality, affordable medical care through a diverse professional care network for patients in efficient, convenient locations like pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, employer and community sites, universities and the home. For more information on HealthSpot, go to

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About CareSource

CareSource, a nonprofit health plan is celebrating 25 years as one of the nation’s largest Managed Medicaid Plans. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio CareSource serves more than 1.2 million consumers in Ohio and Kentucky. CareSource is living its mission to provide healthcare to those who need it most. CareSource understands the challenges consumers face navigating the health system and works to put healthcare in reach for those it serves.