650 Posts, 500,000 Pageviews and Interesting Search Terms

It’s an exciting time for Hospital EMR and EHR. We just passed 650 blog posts since we started this hospital IT focused blog back on May 19, 2011. Hard to believe that this blog is already 3 years old. 215 posts a year is a pretty amazing body of work. Plus, we’re approaching nearly half a million pageviews in that time and have 1,198 email subscribers for just this blog (not including the general Healthcare Scene email subscribers). A big thank you to everyone who reads us regularly.

I thought it would also be fun to take a look at the funny, interesting and insightful things that people are searching on Google (and other search engines) that lead them to the site:

epic certification – With 1,625 searches (and thousands of more searches for variations of this term), there is a lot of interesting in becoming Epic certified. Unfortunately, I think that means there are a lot of really unsatisfied people when they find out that there’s no easy way to get Epic certified. I hope this changes.

epic emr – Obviously we’ve written a lot of content about Epic. Although, overall interest in Epic is always high. So, it’s not surprising that many of our readers are interested in reading about Epic.

soarian & soarian emr – At least for this site, Soarian takes the second spot on searches. I think that’s attributed to some great articles that we’ve written on Soarian over the years.

meditech emr – I’m a little surprised that we still don’t have Cener on the list, but Epic, Soarian, and MEDITECH are attracting more searches to this site than Cerner. I guess that means we need to write more content about Cerner.

meditech vs epic – Looks like many people have been searching to see if they should move from MEDITECH to Epic. At least I assume this is the direction they’re considering. Has anyone heard of someone going from Epic to MEDITECH?

epic certification salary – You can understand the interest in these numbers. Although, I’m surprised that Google didn’t send them to this post on Healthcare IT Today about Epic Salaries and Bonuses. Although, that’s for people working at Epic. Maybe I should do a post on Epic certified consultants salaries.

hospital ehr vendors – This search is not surprising since our Hospital EHR vendor page is one of our most popular pages.

ipad security issues – A great topic of discussion that every hospital is dealing with. Apple has come a long way on this issue, but they could still do better. Although, I’m not convinced they’ll ever fully embrace enterprise IT.

closed loop medication administration – We haven’t dug into this topic as much, but we should. I’ll add it to my list of future topics.

An interesting look at what people are searching on Google (albeit biased by the content of this site). Thanks everyone for reading. I look forward to our next 650 blog posts.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

John Lynn is the Founder of HealthcareScene.com, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources. The flagship blog, Healthcare IT Today, contains over 13,000 articles with over half of the articles written by John. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 20 million times.

John manages Healthcare IT Central, the leading career Health IT job board. He also organizes the first of its kind conference and community focused on healthcare marketing, Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference, and a healthcare IT conference, EXPO.health, focused on practical healthcare IT innovation. John is an advisor to multiple healthcare IT companies. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy.