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There’s a really great post on reddit that outlines a former Epic employees salary and bonus schedule while working at Epic. Here’s his pay structure:

  • Starting (June 2011): 60k
  • Bonus (Holiday 2011): 8k
  • Spot Bonus (Feb 2012): 1k
  • TL Promotion (Mar 2012): No Raise/Bonus 🙁
  • Year 1 Raise (June 2012): 76k (18%)
  • Bonus (Holiday 2012): 6.5k
  • Year 2 Raise (June 2013): 84k (10%)
  • Left Epic August 2013

He notes that he was right out of college, but from what I’ve heard that’s the normal hiring process at Epic. I have heard of a few experienced people being hired at Epic, but it’s pretty rare. I’ve heard it attributed to Judy that it takes longer to teach an experienced person the Epic way than it does to teach a new person about healthcare IT. I’ll be interested to see how this evolves as Epic continues to get larger.

I think the other reason that Judy likes to hire right out of college is because you can pay them a lot less. The salary above is a pretty great salary right out of college and I expect the living expenses in Wisconsin are quite low. However, an experienced person wouldn’t be quite as inspired by that salary.

It also makes sense why so many people are happy to leave Epic for the consulting ranks. Sure, they have to deal with that whole Epic non-compete issue, but Epic consultants make a lot more than $84k a year and likely have to work a lot less hours as well.

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