If You Were an EHR, Which Would You Be?

I was recently watching a video of Derek Hough, Dancer on Dancing with the Stars (and much more). In the interview Derek was asked which dance best fit various periods of his life. As an #HITNerd, I thought we could do something similar with EHR vendors. So…

If You Were an EHR, Which Would You Be? Are you…

Epic – Single minded, focused and dominating in their sphere. Closed to outside discussions, but very thoughtful and caring of those in your inner circle. A bulldog if someone comes after something you consider important. Built on an aging system that’s done well, but many question how much longer they can be successful on top of such an old platform.

Cerner – The second child who’s done really well for themselves, but wonders why the older brother gets all the attention. They’re successful, well educated, built on a strong foundation, open to improvement. They’ve recently taken on a little bit of baggage. They decided to marry someone who’s been divorced and has four children. We’re not sure how this new marriage is going to work out and how it’s going to impact the family structure.

MEDITECH – This is the middle child. Ahead of their time, but no one notices them anymore. They’re quiet and mostly stay to themselves in their corner. Sure, they’d like to be noticed and get more attention, but they don’t mind too much since they’ve been so successful.

Allscripts – Flashy. Exciting and unpredictable. They’re the one that wears the flashy green jacket to the party. They’ve worked on so many things in their life that it’s hard to really place who they are and what they do. They’ve seen a lot of success, but don’t make us predict what they’ll do next. They seem to have a clear vision of where there going (albeit different than it was 2-3 years ago), but that could change so you have to stay on your toes.

athenahealth – Despite some ADD tendencies, they’ve largely stayed the course on what they want to do and what they want to become. They’re always interesting to be around, because they’re never shy to say what they think or feel about anything. While not as successful as some other people, they still have a lot of potential that could blow up for good or bad. If nothing else, they’re the life of the party and always keep things interesting.

I could keep going, but that’s a good start using a few of the larger or more well known EHR vendors. Which one is most like you? Also, I really hope that many of you will join me in the comments and revise/improve upon what I’ve written or do something similar for another EHR vendor. Let’s have some fun and learn about people’s perceptions of these companies in the process.

Note: Cerner is an advertiser on this site.

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John Lynn

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  • VISTA – the grand-mother of healthIT – people assume she is an old foggy but she runs marathons more often than any of the kids.. Designed from the grass-roots with the highest doctor satisfaction ratings in the industry she doesn’t understand this new world where looks and your income matter more than caring for those in need.

  • Heather B,
    You can do better than that for your company. How’s this?

    Power2Practice – An individual who is like no other. They conform to whatever situation they’re put in and adapt as needed to the changing environment. Many people describe them as unique and they embrace that as part of who they are.

  • These are so funny. I’m mad I didn’t see them on Friday, but they definitely brought some much needed laughter and smiles on this dreary Monday morning! Thanks John!

  • I am biased but if you want an answer from broad survey of 18,000 physicians, review the Medscape 2014 EHR Survey. VistA or VA CPRS was the rated #1 overall and on physician satisfaction.

    The AMA is very dissatisfied with the EHR’s its physicians are forced to use. At the same time this survey from Medscape and a study from Clem MacDonald are showing VistA s the #1 EHR preferred by physicians and takes the least amount of time to use. And VistA is available in open source, so you don’t have to pay for the software, just the services needed to implement and support it. The VA is modernizing it and taking it mobile.

    So VistA is the answer to your question and to the broader question the AMA and the market is asking. And the answer to the question we taxpayers need to be asking the DoD.

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