Do Consulting Firms Increase or Decrease Your Bottom Line?

I’ve been learning a lot more about the Health IT and EHR consulting industry as I work with many of them who post jobs on our Health IT job board. In fact, I’ve written previously asking the question, “Are Most EHR Consulting Companies Really Staffing Companies?” The reality is that many of the so called consulting companies out there are much more like staffing companies than they are consultants. It’s just a lot more sexy to call someone a consultant than a temporary staff member. Plus, it’s hard to charge the rates they do as a temporary staff member, but a consultant seems to justify the higher rates.

I should make clear that there’s nothing wrong with this approach to business. Many healthcare organizations need the temporary staff that consulting companies provide. However, it has diluted the term consulting quite a bit in the process.

If you’re looking for a good way to know what type of consulting company you’re working with consider this question: Does the Consulting Firm Increase or Decrease Your Bottom Line?

The reality is that consultants are expensive. It costs money to get someone to come in and share their time and expertise with you. Plus, when you look at how many “billable hours” a consultant has available to them with travel, finding business, etc, they have to charge a premium to make up that time. However, just because something costs money doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it.

If I told you that you could spend $50,000 and you would save $200,000, every one of you would do it. If I asked you if you’d spend $100,000 in order to generate $500,000 in increased revenue you’d all be interested. This is the model a great consultant provides. Sure, the numbers are projections of value and that what makes it difficult. Although, many consultants are hired these days to complete specific tasks as opposed to provide ROI. That’s how you can quickly recognize the difference between a true consultant and a temporary staff.

The challenge consulting companies face is that it’s much easier to prove that tasks were complete. It’s much harder to really impact a company’s bottom line.

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