Surpassing Expectations

Ever since last season I’ve been addicted to the TV show America Ninja Warrior. The TV show was brought over from Japan and features insane obstacle courses that show off the amazing talent and strength of so many people. While pretty much everyone involved on the show is amazing, I can’t help but be impressed with 5 foot 100 lbs Kacy Catanzaro who was the first woman to finish the city finals course. In case you missed it, here was her run.

There’s a reason that the clip already has 3.6 million views on YouTube. Americans love an underdog that surpasses people’s expectations. I watched the show live and I couldn’t believe that someone who was 5 foot nothing could complete the course where height really made a big difference. However, Kacy used the talents she had, improvised a solution, and completed the course. She absolutely exceeded the expectations of those watching the show. Amazing!

What type of person are you in your organization? Are you someone who surpasses expectations like Kacy or are you someone just treading along with no desire to be better than expected? We all know the people in our organizations who are just treading along trying to get through the day. That stands in stark contrast to someone who’s working to be a high achiever.

The same could be said for your hospital. Is your hospital one that surpasses expectations and competes with the big boys who have more resources and muscle than you? There are plenty of 5 foot nothing 100 lb Kacy Catanzaro hospitals in healthcare. This could also apply to an undersized hospital IT organization.

Hopefully your undersized hospital or undersized IT organization will take inspiration from Kacy and use your grit, creativity, and determination to find ways to perform as well as the big boys. That’s what a great hospital leader does.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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