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I’ve been having some fun highlighting some of my fellow health IT blogging colleagues (see 5 Health IT bloggers I highlighted previously). What’s been kind of sad about the experience is that so many health IT bloggers have stopped blogging. I started bookmarking the various EHR and health IT bloggers that I came across a few years back. As I’ve been going back through that list, it’s been really amazing how many stopped or even removed their blog completely.

Even so, there are still quite a few healthcare IT bloggers that are writing some great content. Here’s a look at 4 more health IT bloggers that I find interesting.

Venture Valkyrie – This blog is written by Lisa Suennen, but I have to admit that I didn’t even know that was her real name. I’ve just always seen her as Venture Valkyrie. With an awesome name like that, I’m not sure why she’d ever use the name Lisa. Anyway, Venture Valkyrie is a venture capital investor and healthcare industry consultant. She brings a lot of interesting perspective and insight into healthcare, investing, innovation, entrepreneurship and the role of women in all of these.

Dr. Mike Sevilla – Dr. Sevilla originally started his social media efforts as The Doctor Anonymous, before he came out from behind the cover of anonymity to share his thoughts on medicine, social media and life. Dr. Sevilla is a family practice doctor who’s been involved in social media since 2005. He’s tried to stop blogging and other social media and he can’t stay away. That’s just my kind of blogger.

HL7 Standards – This blog is run by the Corepoint Health team and is also home to the #HITsm Twitter chat topics. While Corepoint Health manages the blog, they do a good job connecting with outside experts (many they probably find through their hosting the #HITsm chat) to cover interesting topics on the blog. In fact, if i didn’t tell you the blog was run by Corepoint Health, you’d probably not even know it. I love that they’ve taken the thought leadership and relationship approach to blog marketing.

Schwartz MSL Blog – This isn’t a purely health IT blog, but it covers a lot of healthcare IT topics since many of Schwartz’s clients are healthcare IT companies. Along with covering their experience working in healthcare IT, they also offer some interesting insights into the PR, marketing and social media worlds that I’m sure many readers will find interesting and useful.

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John Lynn

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