Multiple Applications, Same Health IT Company?

Dear Cassie,

Sometimes I see several positions posted by the same company that interest me. Should I apply to each of them, or just to one and hope I get a chance to discuss the others? I don’t want to appear desperate but don’t want to miss out, either.



Dear Cory,

If you are qualified for multiple positions that interest you at the same company, then apply to all of them. Especially if you’re referring to applying via an online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) otherwise known by many as a “resume black hole.” I often hear and have experienced myself, applying to a job online and never receiving anything but the auto-generated acknowledgment email. It’s a frustrating system, therefore I believe you should do everything possible to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Please note the very beginning of my first sentence though; if you are qualified. I do not recommend applying for every job on the site just to get noticed by the recruiters. This happens to me in my role as a recruiter at Impact Advisors and frankly, it’s annoying. Last year I received many applications for a Physician Advisor role who were not Medical Doctors (MDs) when my job posting clearing stated that an MD was a requirement of the position. These applicants were wasting their and my time.

In conclusion, go ahead and apply to multiple roles, but make sure that you are qualified for them.

Thank you for your question and good luck in your job search!


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