The Consultant’s Dream – No Wrinkles

Here are the enemies of every consultant: strollers in the airport security line and wrinkles. I came across this video from NBC’s Ben Popken and just had to get it out here to this audience. Could this really be the answer to wrinkle-free packing?

Basically Ben is recommending something called bundle-wrapping in which you wrap all of your clothes around your underwear starting with those items that are cotton in nature and don’t really wrinkle, think undershirts, followed by your dress clothes, think your suit. The idea is that by wrapping tightly and not distinctly folding your clothes, they will not rub against each other and wrinkle. Ben seems pretty impressed with his results. I hope someone here at will give this a try and report back in the Comments section.

I am not a big “unpacker” when I travel. I usually prefer mostly just living out of my suitcase, therefore I see a bit of weakness on this method. What if I need the shirt that is wrapped way inside the bundle? I’m also a folder, not a roller.

Anyway, consultants, I hope you enjoyed that video and here are couple other entertaining sites for wrinkle free packing.

Fodor’s Travel has Six Tips.

WikiHow’s Guide.

Finally, Martha Stewart’s (of course she’d have tips for this) list.

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