2000+ EMR and HIPAA Blog Posts and 9.5 Million Pageviews Later

We just passed 2000 blog posts on EMR and HIPAA (officially this is blog post #2009) and we’re right at 9.5 million pageviews since we first started this blog. Plus, to round out the numbers, we just passed 12,000 (officially 12,065) comments on the blog as well. I’m honestly not really sure how to process these numbers. Not to mention that nearly 5000 email subscribers get their “daily cup of EMR and HIPAA” in their inbox 6-7 days a week.

Over the years we’ve had a number of writers contribute amazing content to the site, but most of our regular writers contribute to another Healthcare Scene website like EMR and EHR. I’ve generally reserved EMR and HIPAA for the content that I write and so 1705 of the blog posts were written by me. Not too bad for a little over 8 years of writing. I think I’ve accomplished some good.

Every 3-6 months I like to also take a minute to thank the sponsors who support the work we do here at EMR and HIPAA. Without them, I wouldn’t have the time to do what I do and provide the value that we provide the readers of EMR and HIPAA.

Key Sponsors
At the core of supporting our website has always been our sponsors who put up their advertising on the site. Take a look at these companies who’ve sponsored the site and see if one of them can help you and your organization:

Ambir – Advertising since 1/2010 – If you’re looking for a workgroup scanner for your organization take a look at Ambir’s scanners. I have one on my desk at home and it’s worked great. Plus, Ambir is expanding what they do beyond scanners. At HIMSS I saw a demo of their new forms program for tablets that is really slick. You can basically take any paper form and make it so you can write on top of it. It’s a really slick product. I know they’re still adding a few features to the product. Once it’s out in the wild, I’ll do another post about it with more details.

Cerner – Advertising since 9/2011 – I really don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Cerner EHR. The Cerner Ambulatory EHR team has advertised with us for a very long time. One of the things that I find most exciting about the Cerner ambulatory EHR product is their mobile interface. It has some slick features and I think we’re just getting started with optimizing EHRs on tablets and other mobile devices.

Canon – Advertising since 10/2012 – Another company that really doesn’t need an introduction other than to say that this is the Canon scanners, not the Canon cameras. I have a Canon scanner on my desk at work and it’s worked wonderfully well for me. It saves me so much time to have a real workhorse of a scanner. A scanner is one of those essential EHR peripherals and that won’t likely change for a long time to come.

gMed – Advertising since 8/2013 – If you’re in gastroenterology, then you need to take a minute to check out gMed. I recently did a demo and I was particularly impressed with their Endoscopy Report Writer. I loved the way it integrated with external devices and the EHR for easy documentation. Along with being an advertiser, gMed has also invited me to be the keynote speaker at the gMed Summit 2014 (the gMed user group event). I’m really excited to share my insights into the future of EMR and healthcare IT with the gMed users. Those working in gastro should also download this gMed whitepaper: Independent Gastroenterology: A Look into the Future.

interfaceMD – Advertising since 9/2013 – Better than me trying to explain what makes the interfaceMD EHR unique, check out this video interview I did with Joel Kanick, interfaceMD’s founder. The video really shows what a unique approach they take to EHR. I’d describe their approach to EHR a little like having a private butler or concierge service at a hotel. They want to make everything as easy as possible for you and if something’s wrong they’ll take the blame for everything. I think it’s a smart approach that resonates with many doctors.

Colocation America – Advertising since 10/2013 – The demand for HIPAA compliant cloud hosting is only going up and up. Whether you’re a small practice, a large organization, a startup company or a publicly traded healthcare IT organization, you likely need a HIPAA compliant host. Colocation offers a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Modernizing Medicine – Advertising since 1/2014 – I’ve written a number of articles that describe the Modernizing Medicine EHR much better than I do. Check out their unique EHR interface and their approach to ICD-10 (which I guess will now have to wait another year to be really valuable). I’ll be doing an interview on Thursday next week with Modernizing Medicine’s CEO, Daniel Cane and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sherling to talk about their new integration between IBM’s Watson with their EHR. Watch the @ehrandhit Twitter account for all the details.

VM Racks – Advertising since 1/2014 – Another HIPAA compliant host you should consider for your hosting needs. One thing I love about VM Racks is that they offer a free 30 day trial of their hosting. What better way to know if they offer a quality service or not than to try it for 30 days?

Quirk Healthcare – Advertising since 3/2014 – While Quirk Healthcare is a newer advertiser, the Founder of Quirk Healthcare advertised with us at his previous EHR consulting company as well. I know they originally cut their teeth on NextGen EHR, but their website says they’ve helped 100 providers go live in 4 months and generated over $2 million in meaningful use payments. They also blog regularly and put on webinars with the latest on meaningful use. When the ICD-10 delay happened they were one of the first that wrote about it. When meaningful use stage 2 was delayed, they were on top of it. I love that about them.

You can get more details on how to get your company added to this list of EMR and HIPAA supporters. Just drop us a note on our contact us page.

Whitepaper Portal
Along with our key sponsors that support the site, a few months back we launched our Healthcare IT whitepaper portal. It’s done phenomenally well as thousands of people have downloaded relevant whitepapers that can help them do their job better. For example, you’ve probably seen me mention this whitepaper that covers the 6 Reality Checks of HIPAA Compliance.

We’re working with a bunch more companies to get some more high quality whitepapers on the portal. So, watch for those in the future. Plus, we’re looking at sharing a few Healthcare Scene specific ones as well. If you’re a company that has an amazing whitepaper, feel free to reach out to us to learn about how you can get it on our portal.

Content Series
We’ve also started doing a number of special blog post series on EMR and HIPAA that are sponsored by the Medical Management Corporation of America and The Breakaway Group. I’ve really enjoyed both of these blog post series and it really shows the depth of knowledge that both companies possess. I really love this content sponsorship model where a company with extraordinary expertise can share their knowledge and experience with the EMR and HIPAA audience while they build some recognition for their companies. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

Reader Thanks
Thanks to everyone who reads the site regularly. We couldn’t do what you do without your support as well. We have some of the best readers on the planet. They’re not afraid to share their wisdom, correct us when we’re wrong and improve healthcare as we know it. I’m looking forward to the next 2000 blog posts!

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John Lynn

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