10 Key Hospital Website Findings

Molly Gamble has a great article on Becker’s Hospital Review website where she takes a look at a report covering top hospital websites. She offers 10 great findings and points of analyses that I thought many would like to read:

1. Even top brands struggle.
2. Key findings:
•    49 percent of hospitals lacked a mobile patient website
•    67 percent failed to offer online rehabilitation and aftercare information
•    Only 1 in 5 had online pre-registration to reduce patient wait time
•    Nearly 1 in 3 failed to facilitate online bill pay
•    At least 18 percent had onsite errors that hindered the patient experience
•    Nearly 1 out of 2 hospitals did not support post-prescription refill requests online
3. Barriers systems face
4. The need for digital governance
5. The top 10 patient-centric hospital websites, according to the report, are:
•    Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn.)
•    Cleveland Clinic
•    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston)
•    Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston)
•    UPMC (Pittsburgh)
•    Duke Medicine (Durham, N.C.)
•    Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (Philadelphia)
•    Massachusetts Eye and Ear (Boston)
•    The Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York City)
•    Florida Hospital (Orlando)
6. Determining patient-friendliness.
7. Google results and brand reach.
8. Mayo Clinic did best in search results.
9. There is a distinction between patient- and brand-centric website content
10. The link between digital presence and spending.

In Molly’s article she covers each of these points in detail. So, if this interests you, check out the full article linked above. What do you think of these findings?

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