Hospital EMR and EHR Tops 400,000 Pageviews

I was flipping through my stats today and I was amazed to find that Hospital EMR and EHR just blew past 400,000 pageviews. We’re about 1 month away from the third anniversary for this site. I’d say that’s pretty amazing growth over that time period. Thanks everyone who’s been reading.

For those who love stats, we’ve published 583 posts in that time with 1844 comments. That means that a lot of you have been commenting on the site. Thanks so much!

I checked out the posts with the most comments and it was a tie between the following two posts:
Why Is It So Hard to Become a Certified Epic consultant?
Could Epic End Up The Victim Of Its Own EMR Success?

A couple of my other favorite posts are in the top 10 for comments:
Judy Calls Epic “Most Open System I Know”
“Old Boys Club” of Healthcare IT
Why Don’t We Groom the Next Generation of Health IT Leaders?

All of those posts are still really interesting today. I took a look at the stats for the most viewed posts and the above posts were all in there as well. That seems like statistics at work.

I wanted to recognize a key sponsor of Hospital EMR and EHR as well. Canon has been a sponsor of the site for a number of years now. If you need a scanner in your hospital (and sooner or later we all do), then take a look at the Canon products. I have a great Canon scanner in my office and I love that it just works. As much as I try to purge paper from my life, there are always many situations where I just need to scan something. I know in many hospitals they have dedicated scanning teams. Finding the right scanner for these people is really important. I appreciate Canon supporting the work we do on this site.

If any of you reading focus on the hospital healthcare IT market, we’d love to talk with you about our advertising options as well. Just drop us a note on our Contact Us page.

Thanks everyone for reading and supporting the site. We’ll keep providing the best quality information we can find.

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John Lynn

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