EHR Adaptation, Film to Digital, and Box

I agree completely that patient expectations are changing. I think we’re going to see a dramatic shift in the patient experience. What I’m not as sure about is whether the EHR will be the one to meet those changing expectations. EHR software is distracted with other things and they’re not well positioned to handle the change.

I’m not sure I’d really classify this as a pivot. I think Viztek is doing pretty well with their PACS. They’re not going to stop doing that anytime soon. It is an interesting diversification for the company. Although, I was more intrigued to think about what we could learn from the PACS experience going from film to digital. We need more people writing about those learnings.

Those are two big powerhouses that Box brought on board. I’d heard a lot about box and its efforts in healthcare. This illustrates how important healthcare is to Box’s future.

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  • I agree that patient expectations are changing, but I’m not sure in the way many think. There will always be the “high volume” medical user with chronic issues that expect good communication among their providers.

    But for the majority who don’t visit physicians much, the real expectation is more convenience – showing up and filling out the same dang forms AGAIN is idiotic. This should be something we can update via the patient portal prior to the visit. Other more “mainsteam” patient expectations? Not having to wait for 30 minutes+ past your appointment time.

    What Box is doing is interesting, there are a lot of risks in what they are doing, meaning they need to make sure they handle this correctly before they accidentally create a giant leaking hole of PHI.

  • How about going from x-ray/CT to sonagram? This is coming, being talked about rather a lot by docs. OBs have been doing it for years. Why not for things other than a baby?

    No radiation, resolution getting better and better all the time.

    Lots less expensive for docs, too.

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