New Course with Hands-On Training for EHR Proficiency

Chicago, IL — March 12, 2014 — 4Medapproved, the leading provider of online education and certification resources on topics relating to Health Information Technology, announced today the release of their new Certificate of EHR Office Proficiency (CEOP)  (20% discount if you use the discount code: healthcare20) course in partnership with Medical Mastermind EHR to help individuals, schools and universities by providing hands-on practice with guided online learning on the important topic of electronic health records (EHRs).

Lessons in the CEOP program describe EHR functionality, integration with other applications, Meaningful Use, HIPAA compliance and more. Students also learn electronic workflow by engaging in EHR documentation exercises, allowing them to schedule patients, enter progress notes, practice order entry, experience clinical decision support (CDS) tools and develop basic competencies related to EHR charting. In addition, each license for this course allows the student access to the EHR for further practice and potential case study work in classrooms.

The live, certified EHR solution embedded in this course for training is delivered through a partnership with Medical Mastermind. This award-winning software creates a working environment similar in design to most of the major certified products on the market—allowing for a flexible learning experience uniquely applicable to multiple platforms and medical workplaces.

“Partnering with 4Medapproved on this important step toward better educational tools for healthcare was in complete alignment with Medical Mastermind’s philosophy of providing outstanding technology that actually helps those who use it to practice better medicine,” said Michelle Boucher, Vice President of Marketing for Medical Mastermind. “Engaging with students, physicians and the entire healthcare community at the point of delivering education through our physician-designed tool will provide them with one of the highest quality experiences as they continue to learn.”

According to the CDC, during 2006–2013, the percentage of working physicians using any EHR system increased 168%, from 29.2% in 2006 to 78.4% in 2013. In two studies published by the journal “Teaching and Learning in Medicine,” the Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE) describes the nearly total lack of EHR training in medical school programs, while stressing the overall importance of EHR training in preparing students for work in the industry.

“As educators, we feel the need to address this unfortunate gap in readiness for those who plan to work in the healthcare industry. This course does not simply simulate or demonstrate health record capabilities, but instead allows students the opportunity to develop skills by engaging in true interactive learning,” said Wendy Whitmore, CIO and co-founder of 4Medapproved. “Partnering with Medical Mastermind has given us a robust learning tool while providing a distinct advantage to students, teachers and medical learning programs.”

All 4Medapproved training is provided online and is self-paced, to accommodate any schedule. It incorporates reading with multimedia review and frequent assessments, in the unique 10/10/10 learning method. Volume licensing and team leader controls are also available for classroom instruction and larger group training.

Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate in EHR Proficiency which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards. Accreditation by The International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for college contact hours and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for nursing CEUs are provided for this course through a partnership with Corexcel.

About Medical Mastermind:

Established in 1984, Medical Mastermind provides Practice Management and Electronic Health Records to thousands of physicians from all specialties. Mastermind’s award-winning software is designed by doctors, nurses, billing administrators, and other medical personnel to provide the ideal solutions for any size practice and every specialty. Medical Mastermind is headquartered in Baltimore, MD; with offices in Jackson, MS; Dallas, TX; Charlotte, SC; Pittsburgh, PA; and Orlando, FL.

About 4Medapproved:

4Medapproved is the leading educational resource for healthcare professionals on topics relating to Health Information Technology. The company provides access to helpful content, community, curriculum, and consulting, all in one convenient location. 4Medapproved also offers free weekly Learning Lunch Webinars and industry updates through columns from leading experts. It provides self-paced online education, certification, and career gap training programs, many of which provide CME, CEUs, and conversion to college credit. Additionally, 4Medapproved facilitates online networking and collaboration through its 4MedProNetwork. Support for the many free resources available through 4Medapproved is provided by sponsors of its 4MedMarketplace and Learning Lunch Webinars. Learn more at The 4MedPlus Corporation is headquartered in Chicago, IL.


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