HIMSS Analytics to launch global Continuity of Care Maturity Model

Burlington, VT (February 20, 2014) – HIMSS Analytics is pleased to introduce the Continuity of Care Maturity Modeltm, a global model that addresses the importance of information exchange, care coordination, interoperability, patient engagement and analytics with the ultimate goal of holistic individual and population health management.

For the purpose of this model, continuity of care is concerned with the integration, coordination, sharing and usage of information between providers, government, individuals and others resulting in enhanced care delivery and improved patient outcomes.

With seven stages that align with the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Modelsm (EMRAM), this model evaluates technology implementation and usage, data collection and analytics, and patient empowerment in optimizing clinical and financial outcomes.

HIMSS Analytics will be hosting a session during annual conference on Tuesday, February 25th at 8:30 a.m. During this session, John Hoyt, HIMSS Analytics Executive Vice President, will:

  1. Detail the seven stages and associated criteria of this new HIMSS model and how it can drive transformation in individual and regional health systems globally.
  2. Describe how the model demonstrates the effective use of IT with care coordination, patient/consumer engagement, information exchange, interoperability, analytics and the overall management of the health of individuals and populations.
  3. Discuss how to optimize outcomes for health systems and patients through alignment with this model.

“We are excited to be able to present the industry with a maturity model that encompasses a holistic approach to healthcare,” said Hoyt. “This is the direction the market is headed and we are happy to provide a tool healthcare delivery organizations and governments can use to gauge their progress towards a more efficient care delivery approach.”

For more information or to add the education session to your calendar, visit http://www.himssconference.org/Education/EventDetail.aspx?ItemNumber=25295.

About HIMSS Analytics

HIMSS Analytics collects, analyzes and distributes essential health IT data related to products, costs, metrics, trends and purchase decisions.  It delivers quality data and analytical expertise to healthcare delivery organizations, IT companies, governmental entities, financial, pharmaceutical and consulting companies. Visit www.himssanalytics.org.

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