KLAS Names Top EMR Vendors For Mid-Sized Practices

A new report by KLAS has designated Epic, athenahealth and Greenway as the top three EMR vendors among mid-sized healthcare practices.  The report, which also identified unpopular EMRs in the space, drew its conclusions based on analysis of ability, workflow and integration capabilities, according to iHealthBeat.

To do the study, KLAS interviewed clinicians and IT personnel at practices with 11 to 75 doctors.

Researchers named the top three mid-sized EMR vendors as Epic Systems, which scored a 85.3 points out of 100; athenahealth, which scored 83.5 points; and Greenway, which scored 81.3 points.

Each of the top three vendors distinguished themselves in unique ways.  For example, researchers found that practices liked Epic’s consistent delivery in large hospital-based practices, athenahealth’s “nimble deployment” and system updates, and Greenway’s exceptional service to smaller, independent practices.

Meanwhile, KLAS noted that Allscripts, McKesson and Vitera had the highest percentage of dissatisfied customers, practices which felt stuck with their current EMR system but would not purchase it again.  Reasons for their dissatisfaction included upgrade issues, lack of support, and a perceived lack of vendor partnership, iHealthBeat said.

When it comes down to it, it’s pretty clear when these practices need from their vendors, and a feeling of partnership and mutual support seems to top the list of matter which researchers is doing the study.  But it’s clear that these characteristics can be pretty hard to come by, even from companies you’d think had plenty of resources to deliver a sense of support and availability to their customers.  Allscripts, McKesson and Vitera (although it is Greenway now) had better get their act together quickly, as mid-sized medical practices are a major market, even if they don’t spend quite as much as hospitals.

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Anne Zieger

Anne Zieger

Anne Zieger is a healthcare journalist who has written about the industry for 30 years. Her work has appeared in all of the leading healthcare industry publications, and she's served as editor in chief of several healthcare B2B sites.


  • “Epic Systems, which scored a 85.3 points out of 100; athenahealth, which scored 83.5 points; and Greenway, which scored 81.3 points.”

    So, the “best” are all getting from a B to a B-.

    Very Sad.

    And I would argue about whether they are really the “best.” We still don’t have a Consumer Reports-type of evaluation system that looks at all needed functionalities.

  • Sue Ann,
    I’m not sure the rating is suppose to be taken literally. Although, would you rate any EHR vendor an A? So, maybe it is accurate.

    I do agree with your last comment though. The KLAS rankings can be manipulated so many ways and in many cases they have so little data it’s not a valuable result. We don’t have a great consumer reports type of system that can be trusted.

  • If it is not meant to be taken literally, then it needs a disclaimer, because lots of people ARE taking it literally.

    I was at a pediatric conference with my husband this weekend. One of the docs said, “Well, it’s the biggest, highest rated EMR, so if we have problems, at least we’ll have a lot of company.”

    Docs are pretty fatalistic about their jobs and lives now.

  • Why people take the “highest rated EMR” literally is beyond me, but you’re right that they do. Plus, highest rated doesn’t mean that they have a lot of doctors either. In fact, if it was done properly the highest rated would likely be the ones with fewer doctors. The law of averages says that the more doctors you have, the more likely you are to get some who rate you lower.

  • Where is the consumer in the vendor ratings and KLAS report? So far none of the healthcare institutions or practices I used last year will export my health data to my heslth plan, Coventry, or sync to Healthvault. Everyone wants patient engagement and accountability, but won’t let go of the data to the consumer. Command and control is still alive and well!

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