Racy Video Promotes New Smartphone Pulse Oximeter

Next week I’ll be enjoying a wave of smartphone medical devices at the International CES conference in Las Vegas. I can already tell from the press releases that a number of companies have made big progress in making these devices great for the consumer.

I did recently get a pitch from a company called Safe Heart USA which is marketing the iOximeter, a smartphone pulse oximeter. I guess in order to stand out (which is necessary at a show like CES) they created this somewhat racy and humorous video called “Fifty Shades of Blue. You can see the video below:

What do you think? Did they go too far or do we need to lighten up and just enjoy a humorous approach to marketing a product as exciting as this?

I have to admit. If I see them at the show, I’ll probably stop by and see the people behind a video like this. Considering the volume of pitches I’ve gotten, it was an interesting way to get my attention.

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John Lynn

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  • Hey John, “Lighten up & enjoy” is my answer to your question. This was a very clever video and certainly got my attention….love the idea of the product too. I would have loved to have this app when I hiked Kilimanjaro last December – could have kept a nice record of my falling sats. See you at CES, maybe at the iOximeter booth! Pat

  • Hi Pat,
    I’m trying to lighten up, but all these mHealth devices aren’t motivating me to exercise or eat right.

    I didn’t realize you were a belt kind of lady. Maybe that’s my issue;-)

    See you at CES.

  • I hope this video is a comedy. Now if they were using a pulse ox “during” strangulation sex as a monitor (which would be a medical use) so that intentional hypoxia and desaturation can be “controlled” (how do you emphasize sarcasm in comments?), then this might be of some “value”. If you are already desaturated before you begin your strangulation, then you have a REAL problem.

  • Dr. Albert,
    You seem to be pretty familiar with this topic.

    They did note in the comments of the YouTube video that it was comedy.

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