Bravo “LinkedIn Hacks” from BuzzFeed

If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you’ll know that I am a proponent of LinkedIn as a tool for job seekers and hiring managers during the interviewing/hiring process. If you’re out of the groove, LinkedIn is an insanely popular professional networking tool that brings together candidates, managers, social media gurus, and everything in between for professional networking online. LinkedIn reports that in 2013 there are 225 million users on the professional networking site.  Of all my hires this year, 22 percent were sourced directly from LinkedIn – nearly a quarter of my hires! (Though also of note, 17 percent of my 2013 hires came from!)

So, given the numbers, I figured I was a pretty strong user of LinkedIn until I ran across this article from BuzzFeed, still my latest Internet obsession titled “The 14 LinkedIn Hacks That Could Get You A Job.” There were several items that my own profile was lacking as well as several hints like screen shots to find who has been looking at your profile and the business card app that I was unaware of.

If you are not a job seeker and perhaps just looking to increase your network, or a recruiter like me, I think these tips are phenomenal! Click that link and check ’em out!

And it’s BuzzFeed, so if this doesn’t get you going, then there are always cat videos.

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Cassie Sturdevant

Cassie Sturdevant is a Senior Recruiter for Impact Advisors, a healthcare IT strategic and implementation services consulting firm just named 2013 Best in KLAS for Overall Services. She specializes in humor and follow up.