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I’m so excited. Things are coming together for a really big announcement next Monday. I’m really excited about what we’ve put together and I think many readers will be interested in it as well. I’ve leaked the idea a little bit on Twitter, but I should be able to announce a lot more details next Monday. Watch for that next week.

Until then, it seems really appropriate at this time of Thanks to take a few seconds to recognize the many sponsors who support the work we do here at EMR and HIPAA. It’s been a really great 6 months and we’ve received a lot of amazing support. In fact, I’m really pleased by the variety of healthcare IT companies that are supporting the work we do.

I hope you’ll take a second to look over these new and renewing sponsors to see if they can help you solve some of your pressing issues.

New Sponsors
interfaceMD – This EHR company is quite unique. Rather than try and explain their unique approach to EHR and EHR implementation, take a second and watch this video interview I did with interfaceMD CEO Joel Kanick. I think many of the things he shares will resonate with small practices out there. Joel and interfaceMD have taken a really holistic approach to implementing an EHR and all the IT in between. Check them out if you want to see what I mean.

Proven Backup – One of the biggest risks of any EHR is not having a proper backup. Unfortunately, many don’t pay attention to their backup plans until it’s too late. The best way I’ve seen to solve this is to do a mock situation where your database is corrupt. What will it take you to restore from backup? Do you have a backup that works? The beauty is that there are relatively inexpensive backup offerings like the one from Proven Backup. Done correctly, your EHR backup can be much more robust and less risky than paper ever could be.

Colocation America – One of the major features of all healthcare IT is the need for some sort of hosting. Colocation America offers a wide variety of hosting options for applications and organizations of all sizes. As a past server admin and data center manager myself, I can’t ever imagine building my own data center again. The service a hosting company like Colocation America provides is impossible for small organizations to build on their own and is likely out of reach for even the largest organizations.

HealthFusion – Some might not recognize this name, but might be more familiar with HealthFusion’s MediTouch EHR software. If you want to find out what’s unique about Health Fusion, check out this interview with HealthFusion’s Co-Founder and CEO. I was really interested with HealthFusion’s efforts to incorporate the native iPad interface in their EHR very early on. I don’t know many other EHR vendors who can say that “every EHR function that can be performed on the desktop can also be performed on the iPad.”

Doc Halo – HIPAA secure texting is starting to hit healthcare in a really big way. Many in healthcare have found the value of a simple text message communication. However, every healthcare compliance department is scared about the HIPAA implications of such text messages. The answer to this is to empower the end users to have the simplicity of a text message, but done on a secure platform like Doc Halo. If you want to learn more, the Doc Halo CEO has been contributing a number of blog posts on the subject as well.

gMed – If you are a gastroenterologist, then you need to take a look at gMed’s EHR solution. I’ve always been a fan of the specialty specific EHR software. They can offer a unique experience that gets washed over by most of the EHR vendors who want to apply a one size fits all approach to EHR. If you’re interested in Gastroenterology, you’ll want to check out this excellent whitepaper on the Future of Gastroenterology.

The Breakaway Group (A Xerox Company) – Many of you may recognize this company since they’ve been doing a monthly series of blog posts called Breakaway Thinking. You can expect a lot more amazing content on EMR and HIPAA from the talented people at The Breakaway Group. They have a lot of first hand experience with EHR training and ICD-10 training. Being on the front lines provides them some really interesting insight into the industry.

Renewing Sponsors
I’m always thankful for the ongoing support of our renewing sponsors. So, a big thanks to all of the companies listed below for renewing their support of us. It’s great to look over so many of these companies who have been supporting us for so many years. Here’s to many more years working together.
Ambir – Advertising since 1/2010
Amazing Charts – Advertising since 5/2011
Cerner – Advertising since 9/2011
simplifyMD – Advertising since 9/2012
Canon – Advertising since 10/2012

Look for the really big announcement next Monday.

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