Some Perspective on Mobile Health

This holiday weekend with family has been really interesting. It’s been fascinating to hear what my relatives and friends have to say about the mobile revolution that’s happening in healthcare and in every part of our lives. The most interesting observation is how little many of my relatives know about what’s really happening in mobile and definitely in mobile health.

Offhand I’ve mentioned a few of these topics to my relatives to see how they respond. As is often the case, it’s met with a general silence based on their lack of understanding of the subject. They certainly listen intently, but they know so little about the subject that they have very little to add to the conversation.

Of course, I’m dealing with a relatively small sample, but I think there’s a lesson there for those of us who live, eat, and breathe this stuff every day. A huge shift is happening, but most of the people out there know nothing about it.

I’m not sure this is a bad thing. While they know very little of the high level stuff, my wife, her sisters and mother did go wait in line for the $199 iPad mini deal today. So, there’s definitely interest in the devices. Although, I think few of them have any idea of how important all of these devices will be to their lives in a few years. They did however introduce me to a pointless, but addictive game called Space Team. At least they know about the most important things.

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John Lynn

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