Planets Align! Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today Join New Universe

I have some exceptionally exciting news to share that is out of this world!  But first, a bit of the history leading up to this announcement:

Back in May of 2009, I launched, with the goal of building a career portal that provided an unparalleled user experience for both healthcare IT candidates and employers.  Although I had a solid background in Internet marketing and management, it was my first time to build an online community from the ground up, so the early efforts fall firmly into the “learning experience” category, as I most definitely made some mistakes along the way!  Fortunately, though, as far as I know, no candidates or employers were folded, spindled, or mutilated in the process.  I’m proud of what’s been accomplished – for the last 4 1/2 years, we’ve worked to build resources that made it easy for candidates and employers to connect, keeping in mind all along that the most important component of workforce development is the ability to make quality, relevant relationships on both sides of the hiring equation.   Along the way we’ve created quite the community with over 16,000 registered healthcare IT candidates, 750 registered employers, 9000 current and relevant resumes, and 14,000 eNewsletter subscribers.  Not bad for a standalone website!

But I always knew that the next step for our growing healthcare IT community would be to find a new home as part of a larger, stronger content network that had the ability to cast a much wider but still highly targeted net. However, since I’m protective of the resources and reputation we’ve built, I waited to find a founder and organization with similar vision, focus, and ethics before considering an acquisition.  I’m thrilled to tell you that I found such a combination – John Lynn and his healthcare IT blogging network,  I’m even more excited to share that it will be announced today that has acquired both and  The two websites will join the network of 15 blogs, adding significant career-focused tools and resources for’s sizable and rapidly growing audience of healthcare IT professionals.

Happily, the very best news is what this new home will do for our community.  Due to the increased exposure and reach that’s mind-boggling traffic will produce, candidates will soon see more employers posting more jobs, and more recruiters taking a look at their resumes.  And the news is equally as positive for employers, who will benefit by having more qualified healthcare IT candidates viewing their jobs, and more qualified resumes in the database.  It’s a clear win across the board – I can’t wait to work with John Lynn and his team and help to take the sites (and all of us!) to the next level.

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you who have believed in, supported, and contributed to and since their respective launches – we’ve come a long way baby, but are just getting started.  I invite you to come along as we see what’s next!

Official Press Release

Healthcare Scene’s Acquisition Announcement

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Gwen Darling

Gwen Darling is a Search Executive specializing in Healthcare IT, the Founder of Healthcare IT Central (the leading online Career Center for Healthcare IT job seekers and employers), and the Former Editor/Founder of Healthcare IT Today. Gwen also is a featured blogger for Healthcare Informatics magazine.


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