Resident EMR Training, FDA EMR Regulation, and MEDITECH Twitter

I bet 5 hours is generous for resident EHR training. It’s amazing how training a resident on an EHR is almost an afterthought. I partially understand it since the residents have so many things to learn, but EHR will become a standard part of that training. I live right next to a medical school and it’s amazing to hear the stories of these residents doing rotations at clinics with EHR. Most prefer it, but they don’t get much training.

Is the FDA regulating EHRs? Other than the guidance they put out recently for health applications, I haven’t seen them do much more as far as regulating EHR software. Although, after seeing this and reading a tweet from Farzad suggesting that the FDA should leave EHR “regulation” to the ONC framework, I wonder if something else is brewing. What have you seen or heard?

I didn’t think this tweet was that significant, but it was the first time I remember seeing MEDITECH participating in social media. In fact, I’m trying to remember where I’ve seen MEDITECH participating in any of the national conversations. For such a large EHR vendor, they sure have kept a low profile. I feel like I get around, and I have yet to meet a MEDITECH person. I can’t say that for many EHR vendors. Of course, I look at their social media account and see they have 1,243 tweets. So, they’ve been doing something, but I’d never seen it until today. Just for reference, I have about 28,000 tweets between just my top 2 Twitter accounts.

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  • I’ve been waiting a while to see if anyone brought up the topic of EHR training for medical students, interns and residents. I certainly agree it should be a part of their training. Earlier on, getting used to the idea and what it feels like, but at a given hospital post graduation, a part of their every day work. It needs to be drummed into them as a critical part of their training.

    As to who should regulate EHRs, huge question, no good answer. FDA can take years to make easy decisions – right or wrong. But ONC has its own issues. The HealthIT training program (that I was part of) was, IMHO, a huge mess with little to no follow-up. Training that leads nowhere – no jobs, no internships, no detailed training (in specific EHRs), no working with local practices or hospitals. And the whole range of issues with MU not being all that perfectly aligned with real world needs. So I can’t imagine anyone who’d be happy with either choice.

  • The real question is why should there be EHR regulation.

    The de-facto regulation in place now (meaningful use) is merely a way for the government to theoretically ensure EHRs are doing useful things…in exchange for those big checks you get.

    BUT – as big a mess as MU is (and other things) it does to show that things would be better if the gov took a few steps back.

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