BetterDoctor Raises $2.6M Seed Funding

BetterDoctor is doctor-finding service based on hundreds of public and private data sources. We have 1 million doctors in our database and have helped 4 million people to find a quality doctor.

We have raised $2.6M in seed funding to grow into a matchmaking service for patients and doctors.

The founder’s story

In 2011, my family experienced a series of life-changing medical emergencies which required a team of over 15 doctors and specialists. Unfortunately, finding those specialists was a huge time sink.

I soon understood the pain of the 70+ million Americans looking for new doctors every year – and soon even 30 million more people because of Obamacare. There simply wasn’t a good way to find quality doctors.

Drawing on a background in gaming and technology, my co-founder Tapio Tolvanen and I both left our positions at Nokia to found BetterDoctor. I used to lead Nokia’s App Studios, Tapio was Chief Architect and Head of Technology. We studied the problem closely, built a team and a system to solve it, and launched BetterDoctor a year ago.

Since debuting at TC DISRUPT in 2012, over 4 million people have used BetterDoctor to search for high-quality doctors in their area and insurance network. Today, almost 1 million people rely on BetterDoctor each month to find new doctors. We’ve designed a beautiful mobile web experience to make it available on all devices.

About BetterDoctor, the product
Designed to complement traditional user-generated ratings and reviews, BetterDoctor draws on an array of public and privately available quality indicators to rank every doctor in the United States.

A few of the factors we examine–which most people either don’t have access to or typically look for–include:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Medical licensing
  • Board certification
  • Judicial sanctions
  • Professional and referral network

BetterDoctor’s Funding
We are very excited to have a great mix health and consumer web investors join the mission! The $3.6M Seed round was led by SoftTechVC and Burrill & Co. Jeff Clavier from SoftTechVC, Dirk Lammerts from Burrill & Co and Kristian Segerstrale from Initial Capital joined the board.

Notable investors:

SoftTechVC (Silicon Valley, USA)
The leading early stage investors with web and mobile focus. 125 Seed-round and A-round investments.

Burrill & Company (Silicon Valley, USA)
The leading LifeScience and digital health fund with over $2B in management.

500 Startups (Silicon Valley, USA)
The world’s most active seed fund and influential incubator lead by Dave McClure. Have done 500 investments.

WTI (Silicon Valley, USA)
Western Technology Investment: the first investors in Facebook and Google. Over $2B in investments.

Lifeline Ventures (Helsinki, Finland)
One of the leading European early stage investors behind Supercell and other successful Finnish companies.

Initial Capital (Silicon Valley, USA)
Social media, gaming, consumer web and mobile focused Seed Fund. Lead by Finnish serial entrepreneur Kristian Segerstrale (Playfish, EA).

Commerce Ventures (Silicon Valley, USA)
Venture fund focused on Online Marketplaces

MESA+ (New York, USA)
Media and commerce focused seed fund in New York

Kima Ventures (Paris, France)
Active angel/seed stage investor with web and mobile focus