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We have a number of really big announcements we’re going to make in the next month. One of them I can’t really mention, but the other is a Healthcare Marketing and PR Focused conference in Las Vegas (of course, since I live in Vegas). I’ve floated this conference idea to a couple healthcare marketers and their response has been nothing short of amazing. I think they’re really excited to go to a conference which helps them do their jobs versus going to conferences to market their company. Watch for the official announcement to come out soon. Plus, the other announcement I can’t talk about is even more exciting for the network.

With that said, Healthcare Scene (which EMR and HIPAA is a part) is doing really well. We’re well over 12 million pageviews and over 6500 blog posts since we started blogging on EMR back in 2005. I want to take a second to thank all those organizations that support what we do. Some have just started working with us and then there are many who have been supporting us for a lot of years. Either way, their support is always appreciated.

If you enjoy the content we create, I hope you’ll take a second to check out these EMR and HIPAA supporters. Their support keeps the lights on.

New Supporters
interfaceMD – One of the things I like about how interfaceMD looks at the EHR market is that each installation needs some custom work to match the unique needs of a doctors office. To use the oft quoted phrase, if you’ve seen one clinic, you’ve seen ONE clinic. I’ll be doing a G+ Hangout with the interfaceMD President and CEO, Joel Kanick where I’m sure we’ll explore this topic more.

DrChrono – A lot of EHR vendors talk about their iPad EHR application, but there are few EHR vendors that have created an iPad first EHR application. That’s the way DrChrono has approached the development of their EHR. Plus, they offer a free version where you can give their EHR a test drive before you buy. Just download the drchrono EHR on your iPad and try it out.

gMed – I’ve often written about the value of specialty doctors purchasing a specialty specific EHR. If you’re looking for a Gastroenterology EHR, then you should check out gMed. Plus, they’ve even put out this free whitepaper called Independent Gastroenterology: A Look into the Future. It’s a good example of their deep understanding of gastroenterology.

The Breakaway Group (A Xerox company) – This company takes a really unique approach to EHR and ICD-10 training. Plus, I love that they have deep roots in researching the most effective leaning techniques which they then use to refine their product. So, I’m excited to have them contributing to a monthly series of blog posts that we’re calling the Breakaway Thinking Blog Series.

GNAX Health – As healthcare IT continues to be implemented, I’m seeing more and more organizations looking at their disaster recovery plans using an external data center. GNAX has a whitepaper called Healthcare IT Disaster Recovery: 9 Steps to Help Target a Reliable DR Datacenter where they cover some of the challenges associated with finding the right disaster recovery data center. The time to prepare the disaster recovery is now and now when the hurricane is bearing down.

Renewing Supporters
These organizations have renewed their support of EMR and HIPAA. It’s always appreciated to see these companies renew year after year.
Ambir – Advertising since 1/2010
Amazing Charts – Advertising since 5/2011
simplifyMD – Advertising since 9/2012
Canon – Advertising since 10/2012
Xerox – Advertising since 2/2013

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