Payor Recalls ED EMR After Problem Is Discovered

UnitedHealth Group has voluntarily recalled its emergency department EMR after a bug resulted in doctors’ notes not appearing in medical records, according to a story in Healthcare IT News.

Customers of the EMR, OptumInsight’s Picis ED PulseCheck, are spread across 35 facilities in more than 20 states. These users were notified of the issue — prescription notes not showing upon the prescription or patient chart — back in June, HIN reports.

Picis Inc., which was acquired by UHG in 2010, had already issued six software-related recalls since 2009, according to a Bloomberg report.  Incidents include one case where anesthesia-management software sold nationwide that in one case displayed one patient’s medical information in another patient’s file.

Another problem involved software sold worldwide in which on an unspecified number of occasions, the system failed to display discontinued status on medication orders.  Still others included issues causing failures to display appropriate allergy interaction warning and lock out of administrators, Bloomberg said.

While the recall is doubtless a black eye for Picis, the problems it has had are far from unusual. In fact, according to a study reported in the  Annals of Emergency Medicine, emergency department EMR designs vary widely, with some having problems which can compromise clinician workflow, communication and ultimately quality and safety of care.

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