There’s A Right Way And Wrong Way To Quit – This Is Most Definitely The Wrong Way

Have you seen the latest viral video entitled, “An Interpretive Dance For My Boss?”  A young woman who works for a media company decides to quit her position, and instead of giving notice and resigning in a professional fashion, she creates the following video (on company time):

I hesitate to include the video and add to her pageview count, but it’s needed to illustrate just one more example of how social media can and will ruin your career if you aren’t careful.  This warning holds true at all times, but especially at 4:30 AM when making an “I QUIT” interpretive dance video might seem like a good idea.

What’s equally as disturbing as the subject’s total disregard for the down the road consequences of her actions (I would never hire a candidate who publicly disrespected a previous employer like this, would you?) is the fact that the comments from her contemporaries are so supportive and complimentary:

“Good girl, well done! You will find a better boss who appreciates your hard work!”

“The kind of people that really make good things great. If I had a company this is the kind of people I would hire. Passionate about what they do.”

“thumbs up serioulsy :)” [sic]

I’m all for leaving a bad job situation.  If you’re miserable at work, do something about it!  But unless you’re in line for a big inheritance,  make sure it’s not an interpretive dance F*&^ YOU I QUIT! video that’s available for all the world to see.  Seriously.

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Gwen Darling

Gwen Darling is a Search Executive specializing in Healthcare IT, the Founder of Healthcare IT Central (the leading online Career Center for Healthcare IT job seekers and employers), and the Former Editor/Founder of Healthcare IT Today. Gwen also is a featured blogger for Healthcare Informatics magazine.

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  • Agreed!! I run a quick Google search for all my candidates and if I found this, I would definitely pass on this candidate. She clearly doesn’t see potential future consequences.

    However, on the flip side, I will say that if I was searching for a job and a company saw that I drank some beer in college on my FB page and decided not to hire me; I probably didn’t want to work for them anyway. This is probably her line of thinking; however there’s a difference between quitting a job like this and having a beer in college.

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