Ohio HIE Hits 101-Hospital Mark

This is a very busy time for HIE builders.  In recent months several states have either announced that they’d completed their preparations for a broad-based HIE or reached a new milestone in HIE participation.

For example, earlier this month the state of Wisconsin announced that it is gearing up to kick off a statewide HIE network that would embrace hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other care facilities, powered by HIE technology vendor Medicity.

According to Health Affairs, this is part of a larger trend. A recent piece in the journal noted that health data exchanges between hospitals and other healthcare providers have climbed 41 percent between 2008 and 2012.

The latest in state HIE news comes from Ohio, where the state’s HIE has just announced that it had signed two hospitals, 25 bed Harrison Community Hospital in Cadiz as well as 91-bed Wilson Memorial Hospital in Sidney, reports Healthcare IT News.  With the new additions, Ohio’s CliniSync HIE now boasts 101 of the state’s hospitals.

CliniSync, which is run by the nonprofit Ohio Health Information Partnership, is based on Medicity technology as well.  With these new members, and the momentum it has underway, CliniSync might well be one of the largest public HIEs in the U.S. by 2014, Healthcare IT News reports.

According to Healthcare IT News, CliniSync makes it possible for physicians, hospitals, nurses and others who do patient care to share patient data electronically. What’s really neat, if true, is that CliniSync will allow doctors and hospitals with varied EMRs to share data. Previously, the HIE members could only share data regionally or within their own systems.

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Anne Zieger

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