Healthcare IT Certification Opportunity: Certified EHR Management Professional (CEMP)

4Medapproved recently launched a series of healthcare IT certification opportunities, providing a convenient, affordable, online option for professionals who wish to either transition to the healthcare IT industry, or add to their existing knowledge and credentials.  Training offered by 4Medapproved is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals with practical lessons that apply to real-world health IT employment. The 4Med educational approach incorporates text lessons, multimedia content, and review assessments, along with hands-on practice sessions utilizing a live, certified EMR solution. All courses are modular, allowing students to learn at their own pace from any location.  (Through a special arrangement with 4Med, all courses are available to the Healthcare IT Central/Healthcare IT Today community (if you’re reading this, that’s you!) at a 20% discount. Simply use HITC for your coupon code).

Today’s highlighted certification is the CEMP –

The 4Med CEMP Certification delivers a depth of understanding for consultants, project and practice managers regarding EHR, electronic workflow and the steps required to best facilitate EHR implementation and post-implementation management. The program is presented through self-paced online lessons, multimedia reviews, and assessments, along with a final exam.

Participants also engage in hands-on workflow exercises utilizing a certified EHR application. The hands-on EHR exercises are designed to teach students the fundamentals of electronic medical record workflow. The live, certified EHR solution creates a working environment similar in design to most of the major certified products on the market—allowing for a flexible learning experience uniquely applicable to multiple platforms and medical workplaces.

The project management modules specifically address the aspects of pre- and post- go-live to best support the EHR as a universal tool within all medical environments. Every medical site requires that this critical tool be managed efficiently in order to affect its best utilization and meaningful use.

Module titles within this course include:

  • An Overview and Introduction to EHR
  • Understanding Ambulatory EHR Criteria and Features
  • Medical Record Scanning and Data Migration
  • Understanding Integrated Practice Management Software and Billing Tools
  • Customizing EHR and Understanding Templates
  • Integrating with Patient Interaction Tools and PHI
  • Understanding e-Prescribing
  • Integrating PACS and LABS with EHR
  • Understanding PHI Security and EHR HIPAA Compliance
  • Utilizing EHR for Optimal and Meaningful Use
  • An Overview of EHR Meaningful Use Requirements
  • Understanding Basic Electronic Workflow (with hands-on exercises)
  • Awareness of HIT Industry Acronyms
  • Creating the EHR Workflow Assessment
  • Identifying best EHR solutions and tools for the environment
  • Integrating best technology for medical sites
  • Understanding HIE, HL7, CCR, CCD
  • Attesting and best practices for “Meaningful Use” of the EHR
  • Managing support and ongoing maintenance of the EHR
  • EHR implementation methodology
  • The 10 most common EHR systems
  • Role of the EHR champion
  • Identifying the EHR champion
  • Core responsibilities of the EHR champion
  • Barriers to EHR adoption
  • Empowering the EHR champion
  • Training the EHR champion

Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate in EHR Project Management which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards.

Notes:  Average course length: 15 hours.  Don’t forget the 20% discount  you’ll get by using HITC as your coupon code!


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