Can Hospital Administrators Get Out of the Office?

I’ve been really intrigued with the idea of hospital administrators getting out of the office every since I interacted with a few hospital CIOs at TEDMED. In fact, it’s what prompted my post asking if Hospital CIOs were overwhelmed with operations. I think this is a really important topic.

Ed Marx rekindled my interest in the topic when he post titled “Bank Life, Not Vacation Days.” His post definitely talks about the personal side of leaving the office. He does a great job talking about how using your vacation days is beneficial to your life and to your organization. I love how the concepts of leaving your work for vacation or getting out of your office for some non-traditional “work” are so interrelated.

Ed confessed in his post, “Confession time. I used to pride myself on statements like, “I am too busy to take PTO” or “My role does not allow me to take much time off.” Poppycock!” I’m sure many can relate to these statements. These excuses apply whether you’re choosing to take PTO or if you’re choosing to be out of the office at a conference.

Ed rebuffs these myths by discussing how increased well-being leads to increased productivity. I’ve seen this myself. Many hospital c-level executives are so busy at work that they don’t realize how burnt out they are at work. This burn out can be a dramatic productivity killer. A little time out of the office can help recognize and recover from the burn out.

However, the most powerful part of Ed’s post is how well you leaving the office benefits the team. Here’s the reasons for this counter intuitive idea:

  • Your Team Gets a Much Needed Break from You
  • Demonstrates Trust in Ways Words Cannot

The other added benefit of leaving the office is that it will often give you a new perspective on your work. Whether it’s going to visit a similar organization across the country or attending a well done conference where you interact with smart colleagues, you’ll be amazed at the impact a fresh perspective can have on you and your organization.

Plus, there’s something incredibly valuable in being able to sit and think for a few days about your organization without the constant barrage of fires that need your immediate attention. In this connected world, even flying to the other side of the country doesn’t necessarily mean you’re disconnected. However, even then it presents you a tremendous opportunity to display trust in your team.

While some hospital administrators take this too far and spend too much time away from the office, it is far more common for hospital administrators to think they’re too valuable to leave the office. I’d argue that the work they’re doing is too valuable for them not to leave the office.

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