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Today I wanted to take a minute to spotlight the advertisers that support the work we do here at Hospital EMR and EHR. This site has grown much faster than I could have imagined. Considering the shift from ambulatory to hospital environments, this probably should be a surpise. Regardless, thanks so much for reading, sharing and commenting.

Since Hospital EMR and EHR started, we’ve had 264,953 pageviews to the site. Not too bad for this being the 399th post and we’ve had 689 comments. As an interesting side note we’ve had 48,091 spam comments. Thank goodness for spam filters. Here are the top 5 blog posts based on number of views:
Why Is It So Hard to Become a Certified Epic consultant?
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Soarian: Does Siemens Finally Have an Epic-Killer?
Why Do People Dislike Epic So Much? Let Me Count The Ways
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All of the posts are from the middle of 2011. So, maybe the top posts idea isn’t fair to those posts that were recently posted. Plus, from this list we can garner that our readers are very interested in Epic. In fact, the top post about becoming a Certified Epic consultant has had 3 times as much traffic as the other posts. Whether you like how Epic handles their certification, a lot of people seem interested in obtaining the Epic certification.

I also want to take a moment to recognize the advertisers who support all the work we do at Hospital EMR and EHR. The content here wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for their support. If you enjoy what we do, check out their products and see what they have to offer your hospital.

Canon – This company really needs no introduction. They have some great scanner products. I have one on my desk and I love it. Heavy duty scanners are a must in the hospital EHR environment. Paper is still coming into your office, and with an EHR you usually want that paper stored electronically instead of in the now extinct paper chart. Just make sure you get a quality scanner so you don’t burn through a cheap one like I did when I first implemented an EHR many years ago.

Caristix – Need an HL7 interface? Check out Caristix to get it done faster. It’s always great for a hospital to have someone to look to when they need an HL7 interface done quickly. HL7 is going to be the dominate interface standard for the forseeable future. If you don’t have a good strategy for managing all the HL7 interfaces you have and the ones you’ll have in the future, then talk to Caristix.

GE Centricity Business – With Healthcare Reform circling over head and PPACA (Patient Protection an Affordable Care Act) upon us, we’re getting ready for a sea of changes when it comes to managing your revenue. The future of healthcare revenue is going to require a revenue management software like the one that GE business offers. Plus, the beauty of revenue cycle management software is that the purchase can be directly tied to profitability of your organization.

Thanks to those advertisers. If you’re interested in supporting the work we do, check out more details on our Hospital EMR and EHR advertising page. We’ve also recently started some email blasts, content marketing, and whitepaper lead generation.

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