Epic’s Reputation, Datapalooza, and Interoperability — #HITsm Chat Highlights

Topic One: Do you honestly believe, when the clock runs out, CMS will dock non-#MeaningfulUse docs’ reimbursement? Why/Why not?


Topic Two: Explain in technical terms why Epic has such a bad reputation for interoperability.

What’s the data roadblock? How to fix? #HITsm — CapSite (@CapSite) June 14, 2013




Topic Three: In your opinion: Coolest thing coming out of D.C. last week with Datapalooza and the other health IT conferences/meetings?

Topic Four: Congress blaming EHRs & #MeaningfulUse for “upcoding” is like blaming screwdrivers for burglaries. Agree/Disagree/Your take?

Topic Five: Will ICD-10 be a non-problem we blew out of proportion like Y2K, or will it be a pretty rough transition? Explain.

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Katie Clark

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