Bold EMR Move, Universal Personal Medical Record, and Unified EMR

I’ll be really glad when the day arrives that this isn’t a bold move. Really, it’s a bold move to give patients access to the charts that they’ve always been able to request and get access to on paper?

I know dozens of companies working on this. Too bad I see so few patients adopting it. Although, if you go to the tweet itself (it may embed the whole conversation above as well), @nursefriendly and @JamieKaufmann have a nice conversation about security and privacy of this information. I’m definitely on @nursefriendly’s side of the conversation. I don’t agree with Jamie that a smart phone app with your health information is necessarily any less secure than an HIS system at a hospital. In fact, the value of hacking the HIS system is much more than hacking an individual record. So, I could easily argue that an HIS has a much higher risk.

I guess we can all dream.

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John Lynn

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  • I think I missed this because we started building Prime right around the same time you originally published this John, but I just discovered this piece now so I wanted to chime in.

    “An universal easy to carry personal medical record on everybody’s smart phone compatible with any EMR.”

    That’s exactly the problem we’re going after at Prime: We offer a mobile app that lets you get your medical records from any doctor, and you can even privately share individual bits from the medical record inside Prime, e.g., with family, friends, or caregivers.

    We’ve been at it for 6+ months and support over 200 health care providers and are adding more all the time. I’m and @thetylerhayes on Twitter, anyone should feel free to reach out to me anytime. We love what we’re doing and want to help make life easier for as many people as we can.

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