Wisconsin Providers Become First in Nation to Receive Medicaid EHR Incentives via e-Filing Functionality

CHICAGO, IL, May 20, 2013 – SA Ignite, Inc., a provider of software solutions that streamlines, automates and tracks the achievement of Meaningful Use (MU) of electronic health records (EHR), today announced the first successful MU attestation to the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program with Wisconsin physicians using SA Ignite’s MU Assistant®.

Attestation is the part of the process to secure the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR Incentive Program reimbursements that requires providers to prove (attest to) that they are meaningfully using a certified EHR. Physicians who show “meaningful use” of a certified EHR for Medicaid are eligible for up to approximately $64,000 in extra payments from CMS and beginning in 2015, providers who do not attest to MU are subject to financial penalties.

MU Assistant, a cloud-based software solution, automatically aggregates and monitors MU measures across multiple EHR systems and provides decision support tools such as enabling easy selection of 90-day windows 1 and suggesting MU exclusions that providers may claim. The MU Assistant then electronically files providers’ data to the CMS attestation web site, providing a one-click attestation process, and electronically archives supporting data for potential audits

“When we created MU Assistant, we designed it to work like TurboTax®, so with one click providers can attest to both CMS and their state Medicaid office,” said Tom S. Lee, PhD, CEO and Founder of Chicago-based SA Ignite. “Creation of the Wisconsin Medicaid filing capability successfully demonstrates that the federal filing SA Ignite has used to attest more than 2,000 providers can be applied at the state level. And since we are currently working with provider organizations in twenty five states, we have concrete plans to expand state filing capabilities.”