Why I will never buy another computer… I think

Few things come along that can change the way I “compute”, if you can call it that anymore.

However, during the past Memorial Day weekend, I bought a small Logitech keyboard to go with my iPad mini and have been loving every minute of using it.  The problem I formerly had of needing a WiFi connection for using my Macbook Air on the road is no longer.  Forget hotspotting even.  This keyboard lets me turn my iPad into a true computer with a physical keyboard that is off-screen.

It can go on the road in my backpack or stay at home on my desktop.  I can send print jobs wirelessly to a nearby printer if needed.  What’s more, I now have a touchscreen monitor by the nature of what an iPad is.  If I didn’t have a cable, internet, phone bundle at home ripping me off already, I could get by just fine with going back to just a cellular contract, since the data/internet all comes through my iPhone account with AT&T now.

Even as I wrote much of this blog entry, riding in a car down a country road in upstate New York, it’s as easy as pie.  I would encourage more providers and anyone else out there to make life simpler and get a portable keyboard for their iPad.  The Logitech one is nice and fits the iPad mini well.  It even folds shut, making the bundle slim and sleek, able to slip into a backpack or briefcase in a snap.  And it weighs little more than the iPad itself.

I don’t think I would need a computer again.  My iPad IS my computer now.  I’m sure this sounds like old news to some, but it finally hit me.


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Dr. Michael West

Dr. Michael West

Dr. West is an endocrinologist in private practice in Washington, DC. He completed fellowship training in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. West opened The Washington Endocrine Clinic, PLLC in 2009. He can be contacted at doctorwestindc@gmail.com.


  • I thought that at first when I got a keyboard for my iPad a year or so ago. BUT- when it comes to documenting in a LOT of charts at once, importing a lot of electronic lab results, making spreadsheets or extracting data for PCMH or Meaningful Use reports- I still depend on my trusty Macbook Pro. I see you’re a solo practice- I work for 8 providers. The iPad is useful for many things, and I can respond to quick things using it. But when we see 130+ patients a day- I need the “Pro”.

  • howdy Dr West

    I disagree with your logic. the Ipad has plenty of shortcomings

    1) uni modal
    2) keyboard shortcuts are virtually non existant
    3) UIs arent’ design with keyboard in mind
    4) screen is small

    your new configuration can be ok for some document editing, but if you’re going to be doing serious work spanning multiple windows, functions, and applications, the iPad will be headache. The uni-modal nature will drive you nuts

    Also don’t discount eyeware computers, such as Google Glass. They will be far more powerful and robust than you think. My startup is developing apps for google glass for doctors. You can do a lot with it to improve efficiency across an enormous number of use cases. Within 5 years of Glass’s launch, my guess is that most clinicians in the country will use eyeware computers. Development cycles are shortening, the hardware is cheap, and integration is easier than ever before. If it took 4-5 years to adopt smartphones, glasses will be 2-3. Things are getting faster, not slower

  • Machelle, that’s a good point. We’re actually a 4 provider practice now that we’ve grown. I need to correct my byline. We see only about 50 patients per day, but I was really referring to myself as an individual charter. We don’t do any of the fancier tasks you mentioned, just mostly charting.

  • Just bought a Lenovo ThinkPad Helix – Windows 8 tablet with a keyboard that functions as both a laptop and tablet – best of both worlds. Now I can stop lugging around my laptop and tablet! An awesome product. I would concur with your premise at this level of computing power, but not sure I can subscribe to an iPad acting as a PC replacement – not enough compatibility or horsepower to serve both roles. But then again, I am an anti-Apple consumer as well! Why not carry it one step further and connect the blue tooth keyboard to your iPhone?!

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