Healthcare IT Recruiter Certification Available

Certified Healthcare Technology Hiring Professional (CHTHP)

The 4Med CHTHP Certification program is designed to engage employment professionals on the topic of Healthcare Information Technology, Electronic Medical Records and Employment Methods in the HIT Vertical. The program is presented with self-paced online lessons, quizzes and exams as well as multimedia audio and video review.

The hands-on EMR exercises are designed to teach students the fundamentals of electronic medical record components. The custom certified EMR solution creates a working environment similar in design to most of the major certified products on the market – allowing for a flexible learning experience uniquely applicable to multiple platforms and providing a basic understanding of EMR for Healthcare IT recruiting and HR professionals.

The HIT and VAR modules specifically address relevant information to help facilitate knowledgeable recruiting and hiring within this unique vertical.

photoModule titles within this course include:

• An Overview and Introduction to EMR
• Understanding Practice Management, Coding and Billing
• Understanding PACS and LABS
• Understanding Data Migration
• Understanding HIPAA Security
• Understanding Basic EMR Electronic Workflow (with hands-on exercises)
• Understanding EMR Implementation Methodology
• An Overview and Introduction to HIT
• Awareness of Industry Acronyms and Definitions
• Understanding Healthcare Environment Structures
• Non-Compete Clauses in EMR Certification and Credentialing Contracts
• Popular EMR Solutions and Positions
• Interviewing EMR and HIT Candidates

Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate in Healthcare Information Technology Proficiency for Recruiters which has been reviewed and authorized by the EMRapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards.  A special rate of $349 is available for the Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today community – register here!

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