Healthcare IT From the Mouth of Babes

A little Fun Friday post to get you started for the weekend. This past week was Take Your Child to Work Day. This is always an interesting thing for me since I work from home. However, I usually try and head out to one of the local Las Vegas tech startup hangouts so my kids can see some other people I work with.

This time I decided to put my son to work a little bit. I had him on the iPad following some people on Twitter. It was fun to see him working.

As we started to work my son asked me, “What DO you do for work dad?” I knew that sooner or later this question would be coming since I mostly work from home. I responded, “I’m a blogger.” My son replied, “Oh, I told my class you were a typist.” I guess my son’s teacher had asked those planning to go to work with their parents what their parents did. He was right about me typing. It’s a pretty fundamental part of my job and really the only visible part of my work from his perspective.

I then went on to explain to my son a little bit more about what I did for my job. I told him that I wrote about how doctors can keep track of their patients on the computer. My son then responded, “That’s kind of weird that a doctor would write on paper…and then give it to a bird to deliver it, but you’d have to train the birds. That’s how they use to do it.” Sadly, he’s not that far from the truth.

From the mouth of babes indeed. Looks like I need to spend a little more time teaching them what I do for work. Although, I was grateful for the good laugh. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Now I’m going back to work as a “typist” so I can write about doctors switching from pigeon chart delivery to electronic exchange of charts.

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