Merge Announces Addition of Endpoint Adjudication to eClinical OS(TM) Platform

Solution Facilitates Efficient Endpoint Management and Adjudication Process

CHICAGO, April 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Merge Healthcare Incorporated (Nasdaq:MRGE), a leading provider of clinical systems and innovations that seek to transform healthcare, today announced the addition of endpoint and adjudication management to its eClinical OS™ platform, providing end-to-end study support for trials of all sizes through a single platform.

Endpoint adjudication management embedded within an electronic data capture platform facilitates the endpoint management and adjudication process, offering a collaborative and flexible workflow for all stakeholders. Significant cost efficiencies are achieved and cycle times reduced with a single, seamless system.

“Merge eClinical has extensive experience working with the largest endpoint adjudication coordinating centers in the world. These relationships give us the unique experience to develop an endpoint adjudication module that is powerful, yet flexible enough to meet the complex requirements of all our clients. Merge’s latest enhancements to eClinical OS further our vision for delivering a unified solution for all data capture, processing and return,” said Zaher El-Assi, General Manager, eClinical Solutions of Merge. “Through its single, easy-to-use interface, built-in study templates, libraries and reports, and pay-as-you-go pricing, eClinical OS enables study sponsors and CROs to manage and run studies more efficiently than ever before.”

With Merge eClinical OS’ new Endpoint Adjudication Module, customers can:

  • Expedite cycle times with redaction tool and electronic collection of source documents
  • Auto-compile dossiers from source documents
  • Reduce costs with fewer paper documents to track, ship, and review
  • Manage paired parallel, expert review and committee workflows
  • Receive instant notifications that enable quick and efficient coordination
  • Access reviewer assignments and dossiers from anywhere, at any time
  • Improve data quality through eCRFs and online edit checks

“We began using eClinical OS towards the end of last year to manage and run our studies,” explained Thomas Engels, Vice President of Clinical Affairs for CardioKinetix Inc. “We’ve already seen enhanced efficiencies and improved productivity across the board, and are excited to begin using the new endpoint adjudication module to accelerate cycle times for adjudicating events.”

As a single, web-based solution, Merge eClinical OS has the flexibility to support trials in any phase, and captures any type of data, from any source, over any modality. With a complete menu of clinical trial capabilities that can be mixed and matched, eClinical OS builds a solid foundation for each trial environment. Merge eClinical OS also has the scalability to grow if a trial increases in size, number or complexity.

Merge has seen a strong market response to Merge eClinical OS since its June debut last year at the DIA Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA. The eClinical business group has seen 57% quarter over quarter growth in the number of clinical studies under contract, and 65% quarter over quarter growth in the number of sites using Merge eClinical solutions.

“We are obviously pleased by the positive customer response to eClinical OS,” says Zaher El-Assi, General Manager, eClinical Solutions of Merge. “Customer feedback has been integral to the product design, and I think it reflects a renewed focus on study efficiency. Merge eClinical OS places the control back in the users’ hands, resulting in shorter build times, faster implementation, and more cost effective trial design.”

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