Nearly 200 Former Customers of Allscripts MyWay™ Are Currently Live on Aprima EHR and PM

Providers cite better training and support, easier billing and faster payments among the benefits of switching to Aprima.

Dallas, TX (March 22, 2013) – Aprima Medical Software announced today that nearly 200 former customers of Allscripts MyWay™ have gone live with Aprima in the six months since Allscripts announced it would not develop or update the Allscripts MyWay™ product to be in compliance with government incentives and requirements such as Meaningful Use and ICD-10. After an intentionally cautious start to the roll out to ensure success, providers have recently been going live on Aprima at a rate of 20 per week – a number that Aprima expects will grow significantly as existing contracts get implemented and word continues to get out about the benefits of upgrading to Aprima.

For Dr. Lauranne Harris, the financial benefits were almost instantly apparent. For months before upgrading to Aprima, her practice had struggled with the Allscripts MyWay™ billing module. The situation was immediately resolved after upgrading to Aprima. “The day after the practice went live a professional trainer arrived to train us on Aprima. We got $100K in billing out the door that day and within a week, we had received $25,000 in payments,” Dr. Harris recalled.
J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates reaped benefits that were nothing less than the driving reason to go paperless. Thanks to Aprima EHR’s “one click” insurance eligibility checking, the practice no longer has to assign a full-time employee to this previously tedious task. “There was nothing comparable to that in Allscripts MyWay™,” practice administrator Lori Haynie said.

J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates is currently scanning all of its images and charts within the Aprima EHR, another functionality that, according to Haynie, Allscripts neglected to train the practice how to use. But Haynie noted that these are the type of features that benefit practices and patients alike. “With Aprima, the practice sees the labor savings, but our patients ‘see’ the upgrade, too. For example, they no longer have to wait on the phone for lab results; the results are right there in Aprima. We’re getting to a point where soon they won’t even have to wait to fill out forms. They can do that in advance in Aprima,” she said.


Because the Allscripts MyWay™ product was originally based on the source code that Allscripts licensed from Aprima in 2008, customers have also benefited from a quick upgrade. Typically this upgrade is just a couple of days – often over a weekend – minimizing any disruption to their practice. The upgrade process includes verifying their data in Aprima before going live.

Customers have reacted very positively to the Aprima upgrade process. Almost universally they have said they are very relieved that they don’t have to go through a potentially arduous and time-consuming migration to a completely different system, where they might not retain all of their data and could be required to reduce patient load for days or weeks.

“Our traction with Allscripts MyWay™ upgrade orders continues to be very strong; in fact, we believe we will end up with between 1,200 and 1,500 providers – as much as 45% of providers that were actually installed on the Allscripts MyWay™ system, depending on which reports in the marketplace you believe to be accurate,” stated Michael Nissenbaum, Aprima president and CEO. “Virtually all of our newly upgraded practices have commented favorably on Aprima’s support team, or their reseller’s, and are very appreciative of our fast and personalized responses to their inquiries. We deeply appreciate the confidence that these new customers have in us, and promise we’ll never stop working to keep it.”