EMR Office Professional Certification Available

Certified EMR Office Professional (CEOP)

The 4Med EMR Office Professional Certificate provides students with an in-depth understanding of electronic health records using self-paced online lessons, quizzes and exams as well as multimedia audio and video review. Participants also engage in hands-on workflow exercises utilizing a certified EMR/EHR application.

The hands-on EMR exercises are designed to teach students the fundamentals of electronic medical record workflow. The custom certified EMR solution creates a working environment similar in design to most of the major certified products on the market – allowing for a flexible learning experience uniquely applicable to multiple platforms and medical workplaces.

photoModule titles within this course include:

• An Overview and Introduction to EMR
• Understanding Ambulatory EHR/EMR Criteria and Features
• Medical Record Scanning & Data Migration
• Understanding Integrated Practice Management Software and Billing Tools
• Customizing EMR and Understanding Templates
• Integrating with Patient Interaction Tools and PHI
• Understanding E-prescribing Integrating PACS and LABS with EMR
• Understanding PHI Security and EMR HIPAA Compliance
• Utilizing EMR for Optimal and Meaningful Use
• An Overview of EMR Meaningful Use Requirements
• Understanding Basic Electronic Workflow (with hands-on exercises)
• Becoming the EMR Office Champion
• Interacting with EMR Vendor Support

Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate in EMR Proficiency which has been reviewed and authorized by the EMRapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards.  A special rate of $349 is available for the Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today community – register here!

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