Health IT Leaders Partner to Launch imPatient Movement

A call to action in pursuit of improved electronic health record sharing and open communication between patients and medical professionals
NEW ORLEANS – March 4, 2013 – To promote improved electronic health information exchange between consumers and clinicians, key health IT leaders have partnered to launch the imPatient Movement. The movement was introduced today at HIMSS13 in New Orleans and will work to empower patients, healthcare providers and health IT organizations to collaborate and advocate for swift and meaningful action in making electronic health information accessible, interoperable and actionable. The movement also supports meaningful use stage two criteria that will require health care providers to more actively engage patients by providing them with the capability to electronically view, download, and transmit relevant information from their provider’s electronic health records to a designated holding place.
The imPatient Movement was formed by an independent coalition of health information technology providers, healthcare professionals and organizations, including NoMoreClipboard, Microsoft HealthVault and Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc.
“We’re excited to see these organizations teaming up to fulfill their Blue Button Pledge through outreach and engagement. The imPatient campaign recognizes what we firmly believe — that both patient and provider attitudes must change in order to achieve the full potential of eHealth, and that both parties will benefit from having greater access to and use of electronic health data,” said Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, part of the Department of Health and Human Services.
“The genesis of the imPatient Movement was feedback from frustrated consumers who took the time to create a personal health record, only to be handed an old-fashioned clipboard and directed to fill out the registration forms,” said NoMoreClipboard president Jeff Donnell. “At the same time, those on the provider side have questions and concerns about electronic patient engagement.
The imPatient Movement was created to help consumers and clinicians engage in meaningful dialog about the value of sharing data electronically.”
I’m imPatient.  My health depends on IT

“In our state, we are hearing from residents who are growing impatient with their inability to access, manage and share their health information with a tool of their choosing,” added Andrew VanZee, Indiana’s statewide Health IT Director. “Providers are also impatient with the lack of patient engagement solutions that will help them satisfy meaningful use requirements and foster patient loyalty without disrupting workflow. We see the imPatient Movement as a way to create meaningful, electronic relationships and avoid adversarial ones.”
“The imPatient Movement is committed to providing platforms and tools that will empower patients to take a more active role in their health and also make healthcare providers comfortable with patients being at the center of their own care,” Donnell continued.

Join the Movement
All patients, caregivers, family members, healthcare organizations, vendors and providers are invited to “find your voice and join us in telling others that you’re ‘imPatiently’ in pursuit of improved communication and better health.”  Visit imPatient at
The imPatient website invites visitors to join the Movement and take action in one (or all) of the following ways:
·       Share personal experiences and opinions via the movement’s online blog community
·       Read about experiences, aspirations and ideas from other members – including consumers and clinicians who are working to connect electronically
·       Sign up for e-mail alerts and receive ongoing updates about patient engagement, personal stories from patients and providers, as well as opinion pieces surrounding healthcare IT policies and standards
·       Follow the movement on Facebook and Twitter social media channels
·       Help influence and empower others to take a more active role in their health by sharing information from the site via pre-formatted emails to family and friends, and downloadable letters to educate doctors and other healthcare providers
·       Sign up for a personal health record or patient engagement platform and get started on an improved path to health
“HealthVault is all about empowering real people with the information and tools they need to become active participants in their care,” said Sean Nolan, Chief Architect of Microsoft HealthVault.  “We’re excited to be part of the imPatient Movement to help foster a dialogue between patients and their healthcare providers about the importance of working together — because true collaboration is the real key to improving outcomes and reducing costs.”
To find us at HIMSS13 to learn more or to become part of the movement, visit us at Booth #1340.  Or visit us online at
About the impatient Movement
The imPatient Movement was formed by an independent coalition of health information technology providers, healthcare professionals and patients dedicated to improving patient / provider communication through the use of portable electronic information exchange.  It is a call to call to action for patients and medical professionals who support open communication and electronic medical health record sharing.