House Call By Smartphone: Kentucky Physician’s Unique Solution Expected To Offer Significant Relief To America’s Ailing Healthcare System

Me-Visit Inventor and Founder William C. Thornbury, Jr. To Introduce Mobile e-Visit Model At HIMSS 2013, Promising To Dramatically Change The Way Patients See Their Doctor


LEXINGTON, KY (March 4, 2013) – When you aren’t feeling well, the last thing you want to do is waste half a day waiting in a doctor’s office. What if you had instant access to your doctor….anytime or anywhere? Not only is this possible, it may very well be part of America’s healthcare future.

Me-Visit, an alternative to traditional office appointments, uses mobility to provide care for minor medical problems or follow-up with a patient’s personal medical provider.

Me-Visit, which stands for “Mobile Electronic doctor Visit,” makes the concept of “House Call by Smartphone” a reality. The technology was designed by Me-Visit Founder, Dr. William C. Thornbury, Jr., a rural Kentucky physician who said he wanted to create a better method to meet the needs of his patients after years of dealing with an overcrowded clinic. This motivation, and a desire “to help end medical homelessness,” inspired him to build a practical technology for the real-world use of physicians.

Here’s how it works: Me-Visit’s web portal offers 24/7 access to patients using a personal computer, smartphone or other mobile device. A patient’s health history is collected using an intuitive questionnaire, then securely transmitted to the doctor. The technology has a patent-pending design that allows physicians to interpret a patient’s symptoms, contact the pharmacy, if necessary, and return a customized plan of care—all in about three minutes. A copy is recorded in the patient’s private medical record.

“People understand mobile apps, and most doctors regularly use smartphones,” Thornbury said. “Me-Visit marries the two ideas, and does so efficiently—it’s that simple.” Me-Visit’s delivery model is unique — it’s the first to solely employ the established doctor-patient relationship, referred to as the “Medical Home.” This model allows more robust problems to be addressed, unnecessary testing or ER/urgent care visits to be reduced, and the ability to provide care for stable chronic disease—about 75 percent of the nation’s healthcare budget.

Prior to launching, Me-Visit’s technology underwent a two-year clinical study that demonstrated that it safely lowered cost of care, while equally increasing a clinic’s capacity to deliver care.   Thornbury said he hopes his groundbreaking model will herald a new era of healthcare distribution applicable from the largest health system to the smallest private practice. “It’s a delivery method that promises to permanently change the way families see their doctor,” he said.

Thornbury will introduce this unique mHealth technology at the HiMSS13 Conference in New Orleans. His presentation, “Mobile eVisits: Disruptive Distribution to Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve,” will be Monday, March 4, from 12:15-1:15 p.m. in Room 271. A second presentation on Tuesday, March 5, from 12-12:30 p.m. will be offered as part of the HiMSS Knowledge Center. Me-Visit will exhibit its mobile technology each day of the conference at Booth 8247.

About Me-Visit

Me-Visit is the originator and developer of a technology that provides e-Visits via mobile platforms—specifically designed to strengthen the medical home model of care. This unique, second generation telemedicine is supported by a two-year clinical study that demonstrates safety, improved patient access, lower cost of care, increased productivity, provider organization capacity and clinic efficiency. Me-Visit’s corporate mission is to pioneer solutions to improve healthcare delivery toward an end to medical homelessness. For more information, call (855) 463-8474, or for a video demonstration, visit